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Talking to A Foreigner

One day faithfully …  There’s a foreigner in my office.

Actually this building (the place where I’m working) contains 4 companies. The first company is a company who sells airport stuff, such as a lamp for the airplane traffic (for example, at night when the airplane gonna take off, they need some light on the ground to lead the airplane to take off safely (and many other airport stuff). The second company is a company who also sells airport stuff, this time it’s an X-ray baggage, etc. The third company is pilot school, a school where you learn how to flight an airplane. And the last one is the company where I’m working at is a construction company, our job is to build houses, offices, etc.

But among all of those companies, the 3 was working with many foreigner, since the stuff is imported from Germany, they also send their people to go to Europe for training there, once a year. I envy them so much (It’s not “the neighbor’s grass is greener than mine”, their grass is GOLD!!). Even they send them for 10 days training in Berlin – Europe, in fact they’re only training for 2 days, and the rest they are traveling around Europe!! >_<

Okay, back to topic,

I like foreigner, I really would like to talk with a foreigner. I even added it up on my bucket list. And there’s a foreigner there at my office. He’s working on the Pilot School, his name is Christian, let’s call him Mr. Christ.

And one day faithfully, there’s a package for me at the lobby. I’m going down to the lobby for the package, there are 5 students and Mr. Christ there (even he’s a foreigner, he can speak our language, but with a foreigner accent ;)). I got the package and about going back to work, until one of the student ask me to input their fingerprints (actually several weeks ago, they put a security access to the glass door, so they can pass with their fingerprint. But no one input their fingerprint to the access control.), including Mr. Christ!!!

I inputted their fingerprint one by one, until the last one is… Mr. Christ. He’s fluent in English, but he still trying to speak our languages, he’s a fun guy. After that he smile and said “Thank you very much, sweetie!”…you know what I’m doing? I’m doing nothing, I ignored him!! Oh my gahhh!!! T____________T

It’s hard for me to talk to a foreigner. I always being like this, I got a poor grammar, I screwed the grammar, and also instead of that, I’m very bad on pronunciation. I really really want to talk to a foreigner, but whenever I face them, I got so nervous, my head was like a blank white paper. I don’t know what to say, and ended up ignore him T__________T I really really want to talk to him… Feels like I want to cry and bang my head to a wall 😦

I hate myself to be like that, I also said a wrong sentences in my own mother language, he must be think that I’m weird …. T_________T

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