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네가 태어난 오늘은, 정말 소중한 날이란다.
태어나줘서 고맙다, 오드리!

Today, the day that you were born… is a precious day.
Thank you for being born, Audrey!

Today is January 9th 2012, Audrey is 1 year baby now (YAAAAAYYYYY~~~~!!!).

Time ticking so fast, I still remember clearly like it was yesterday, the day when I’m rushing to the hospital, to see Audrey on her 1st day in this world. Now, 1 year have been passed. She can walk now, 6 steps in a row maybe xD. She likes to walk using a little chair as her baby-walker. She’s so cute.

She got surprise party from her Grandpa-Grandma (mother’s side) this afternoon, they throw a birthday party with so many neighbor’s kids coming and celebrate her birthday. Aniki and me cannot attend since it’s afternoon, we all are working. She got so many presents, and I’m sure she’s having so much fun there.

Audrey’s Birthday Cake

Wow, Audrey actually got 2 birthday cake!! The 1st one on the 1st party at afternoon, and this one, another party with her dady, her Gomo (me) and Grandpa-Grandma (father’s side) at night!! I reached her home at 7 PM, it wasn’t rainy, until I arrived at her home.

My mom make a lot of Fried Noodles, it’s a tradition to eat noodles on birthday, people said for a long live (long like a noodles~) 😉

This noodle is really delicious!!

Birthday Present For Audrey

As her Gomo, of course I prepared a birthday present for her, I wrapped it nice for her to rip it apart muahahaha! (she likes to rip something like tissue, paper and plastic)  xD

It’s an electric organ, I hope she can be a baby musician with that -LOL ~~ 😀

Look at her, how she tore it apart to open up the present xD (Ukhhh, I got blurred here)

She reads the manual book first, haha good girl! (Oh Hello Pooh! How do you do?)

She’s now a baby musician!!

I’m really glad she was born between us, with her smile she can relieves our pain, give joy to us.

Happy Birthday, Audrey!
Wishing you a whole lot of Happiness,
May you become a good, healthy, and tough girl (just like your name “noble strength“),
Not only receiving happiness, but also bring happiness for everyone around you.

With Love,
Gomo Rinrin

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