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I Want Snow Here!

I always want to have snow here, wear a winter coat (fully equipped), and also build a snowman/angel snow. 😉

I’m living in a tropical country, so there’s no snow here. When I was a little girl, I always wish that someday, it will be snow here (now I know that it’s an impossible thing -LOL). And I keep asking people I knew who living in a far place, about snow. I even added it up on my bucket list, “To Touch Snow”, someday surely. 😉

Today I have a chat after long time with my friend Mr. Shue who lives in Wisconsin US. He said that this year there hasn’t snow at Wisconsin due to global warming (And I said that there’s no snow there at Wisconsin because the snow is moving here xD). I told him that “Touch Snow” is my new year resolution, and he answer me;

You want snow there? You have to shovel the snow off the sidewalks and out of the street. If we get some snow I’ll pack some into a jar and send it to you, and when you get it, It’ll be water. -LOL

Then I said to him that “I want to know how it feels to have snow falling all over my body”, and he answer me :

LOL, It’ll feel cold, is all it’ll feel.

I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be only feel “cold” for me, It will be more than that. Probably… >_<

“Touch Snow” is my new year resolution (actually it’s kinda… hard to be true, since I’m quite broke now xD). If I wish to touch snow, then I must go to Japan or Korea in Winter, that’s gonna be very expensive traveling fee~~~~ I need to save up much money~~~~ but howww~~~*desperate*

My friend, Luc who lives in Europe also told me that it hasn’t snowed there so far this winter, he said last year was “Global Cooling” so he got snowed there (I hope I get Global Cooling too here xD). He also said that If it snowed a lot there was ice on the roads for many weeks causing big problems for traffic and trains.

Something about snow

Luc tells me something about snow ;):

It is nice to be outside when it is snowing.
But it’s cold so you have to be wrapped up warm.
And gloves are essential if you want to build a snowman,
otherwise your fingers will freeze.
Snow is soft and cold. Sometimes it is light, sometimes heavy.
It can fall slowly or fast. But it is always quiet, not noisy like rain.
(Unless its a dangerous blizzard).
Once it has snowed, the air is fresh and crisp and cool.
Snow is fun, but when it doesn’t melt it becomes a big problem.
And it is hard to drive when there’s snow,
and hard to walk too because it turns to ice and is very slippery.
Fresh snow makes a crunchy sound when you walk on it.

I’m glad, thanks to him I get to know more about snow today. When I read it, I was imagine it and without I realize, I was smiling :). And also get to know that snow isn’t only beautiful things to be said, but too much snow will also brings some problems.

Even so, I still wish there’s snow here.

Do you know this proverb?

隣の芝生は青く見える. | Tonari no shibafu wa aoku mieru. (in Japanese)
The grass is always greener on your neighbor’s yard. (in English)

l’herbe est toujours plus verte dans le pre du voisin. (in French)

Yap, that’s it 😉

Another friend who lived in Japan, Hiro-san, said that he”d like to live in a tropical country, because it’s warm (we’re talking when he’s in winter, so it’s kinda biased) maybe he felt so cold there, and having an illusion “If I was in tropical country uwahhhh~ xD When its winter he felt very cold, and lazy doing anything, he just want to sitting or sleeping with his feet under kotatsu -LOL. There are many other friends who also said the same thing, that they’re envy me for living in a tropical country.

The grass is indeed, always greener on our neighbor’s yarddddd~ 😀

It’s not just me who want to touch it, my friend, Joms who lives in Philippines (Philippines is also a tropical country 😀), said that he wants to eat snow! LOL, so we are making a plan to save up our money, and go eat snow at Korea this December. I hope my savings enough when the time comes… >_<

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