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For some reason,
There’s always a story behind the day I watched every Sherlock Holmes

An unforgettable story…

2010.01.01 – The Day I Watched Sherlock Holmes [2009]

New Year 2010 (January 1st),
I’m watching Sherlock Holmes with a bunch of friends after stayed up all night for New Year Eve Party. When we step into the cinema, and the movie about to start, they all sleep -LOL . I remember this because I watch it for the second time. I already watched it a week ago.

2011.12.23 – The Day I Watched Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows [2011]

I’ve been waiting for this day for years, and finally today I can watch Sherlock Holmes, I can’t describe how excited I am.

I was waiting for my friend who’s gonna pick me up at five. But no matter how long I wait, he didn’t show up. I called him and he said that his car was being borrowed by someone and the person has not come back yet.

After waiting for 1 hour, At 6 PM, me who is really don’t want late for Sherlock Holmes, I decided to go to the cinema by myself, the movie starts on 7 PM. I’m dashing and then took a bus. That day a heavy rain is falling, and got a hell traffic jam. I should took another bus to reach the cinema, I jump into the next bus, and hell yeah I was dropped by the buss in the middle of overpass; the reason is because the driver’s fuckin’ idea to switch the way to prevent traffic jam, he told me shortcut by walking down the stair on the side of river until I reach another highway.

The situation of the little path beside the river is dark without any lights, slippery because of rain, and I don’t know where that little path beside river will take me. So here’s a lost woman under a pouring rain, standing on the side in the middle of overpass, no taxi, no bus. I look at my watch, it’s already 7:30 PM, and I was so upset and cry, I’ve already late for 30 minutes. I don’t know what to do. Should I just give up on the movie, go home, and watch it another day, or I should thumb a ride. Why should it be today I struggle on these things, today is the day I’ve been waiting for years (I’m such a movie freak).

Kind People Are Still Out There

But today, I realize something, that out of numerous cars passing the overpass, no one gave a shit, they just staring at a woman under the pouring rain (heavy rain) with strange eyes, making their own conclusion for what happen to that woman.

And also, among those ignorant people, there will always 1 or 2 peoples who still give a shit. So while I’m depressed myself on the side of overpass, an old man with motorcycle offer me some help. He took me out of overpass to the way I can walk to the cinema. He thought I was slipped on slippery road or being robbed and was dropped there. He said that he has two little daughter, he help me because I remind him of his daughters. He is such a great daddy  (Sir, you got into my blog you know, thank you very much for helping me). Even I don’t know that old man’s name, I’m sure will never forget him. And do you know another miracle that happen, when I sit on the motorcycle, the heavy rain are stopped.

I reached the cinema at 7:40. and my friend who the car was being borrowed, reach the cinema on 8 PM, he was late 1 hour (Thanks God the movie was 2 hours, so we still can watch it for another 1 hour). Wait! There’s a friend of mine who also heading there, but the pouring rain hits him until he’s all wet (he’s riding a motorcycle), and he decided to go back home and gave up on the movie.

For a moment, when I was dropped on the overpass, there’s a slightest thought, that:

If I wait for my friend patiently, I might not having those experience,
I will sitting comfortably on his car, being late for 1 hour without hardships

So this life is all about choice. I’m not regret taking my choice. It’s true that it’s a bad experience, but also a good experience to know that… kind people are still out there. 😉

The question is…

Are we one of them?

PS : I curse the bus driver a lot, I hate him to my very coreeeee, if he didn’t change the destination, I will only late for 10 minutes… -piipp- -pippp- -pippp- >_<  *censored*

Thanks for jumping into my page. 😀

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