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December 29th 2011 – Amusement Park With Colleagues

Today I’m going to have fun with all of my colleagues, not really all, there are some peoples who won’t spend money for amusement park with us, and also some of peoples who don’t even come even the company are willing to paid it for them. So the rest of us who willing to go there, come to the amusement park to have some fun in the end of year 2011. My Colleagues contains some single people, and some married with kids, one of them bring their cute kids. But since she brings her son, she can’t take any ride, she just babysit her son. >_<

I got to ride Pirate Ship, roller coaster, and some other rides, but don’t have a chance to ride Carrousel and Ferris Wheel. Sometimes I wonder why do people pay money for being tortured -LOL but yeah it’s fun! Masocist!!! xD

We also watching water screen laser show before we leave. So we get there around 12 PM and leave the amusement park around 8 PM, with cramped feet, and pain all over the body because of too exhausted -LOL.

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