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I was busy with my live, but since my brain easily forget about everthing, I think I should blog it before it started to fade away.

December 26th 2011
The Day After Christmas, Going to Bookstore With Audrey

Today I’m on my holiday, so I tend to spend all my day today with Audrey. Aniki said that there’s a year end sale on Shopping Center that he want to go and go shopping. I came to aniki’s house around 3 PM, and we are heading to the bookstore around 4 PM. When we arrived there, Audrey are sleeping on Aniki’s lap. So he carry Audrey until his arm cramped, he let me carry Audrey while she’s sleeping. Looking at her cute sleepin’ face, I really feel happy even my arms also started to cramped too -LOL.

Here’s the secret of my Aniki’s Family, they never bring stroller. Why?
Because if we bring stroller, then we must be put the baby on the stroller, then we will busy with our shopping stuff and ignore the baby. So Aniki prefer to carry the baby, and show the baby about the world, and see how excited she (Audrey) with this world 😉

Omooo, Audrey Kiss Me on The Cheek!

Audrey started to learn how to love people around her. She can kiss me on the cheek now if I put my cheek around her, kyaaaah *squealing* she’s so cuteeeeee, I want to squeeze her!! (I already did! wahahaha! 😀)

And today Audrey got some books, like Baby Einstein books, including bible for baby, she’ll be a good girl with that. 😉

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