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Christmas Party!

Belated post.

Christmas is coming, I opened up my eyes on 9 AM in the morning and dashing to the 1st party at 10 AM, the party start at 11 AM, I also bring my gifts for Gift Exchange. It’s not a bad party, but yeah since I don’t really know the people (my friend the one who throw the party, I know know 3 person there), so it’s kinda awkward, but I really enjoy the food, The roasted galbi and sukiyaki, yummy!

Delicious Roasted Ribs
Hot Pot – Delicious Sukiyaki

From everything I got I think there’s a meaning on it. And I got this cute Sheep Clock from the exchange Gift Event,

Sheep ClockThe Sheep’s Feet are swinging !

By me having this clock maybe it means

Don’t be late!            or              Precious your time!

Then the 1st party is done on 2 PM, with the  fully stomach I’m running to the next Party

The 2nd Christmas Party with Saboteur!

We named our-self as Saboteur (actually it’s a card game, there’s a very long story behind it) ;))

Of course we having our ritual first, playing Saboteur card game! Then after that we doing exchange gift too.

Angelic Mug

Since it’s also randomize, I don’t know whose gift I got. This time I got a cute Angelic Mug, a smiling pinky mug with a pair of wing as it handle, on the top it’s written “Don’t miss a smile”, I think it means,

I should keep my white essence to the Angelic Level        or             Keep smiling!    😀

Those gifts became some lines to encourage me, thanks buddies!

Yeah after all of that we are writing a Christmas card, so All of us get a Christmas Card and named it ourself on each card, then give the card to the other friend to filled it with some words, like greetings, hope, or maybe some critics you’d like to write for the friend. We are 12 persons so each card should be written around 11  greetings (but yeah, you can write some encouragement/ wishes on your own card too, it’s all up to you), we did it while waiting for out dinner (Oh Nooo, eat again?!).

I forgot the name of this sushi, there’s a lot of sushi being served there, I’m too busy eating them up, so I only took this one photos -LOL

And this time it’s sushi roll!. I feel guilty to my wallet, for having a luxurious meal twice a day today (-____-), but then I think “It’s okay, once a year” -LOL (I’m such a great spender).

Sweet’s Deserts – ピノ (Pino – the left one) | Taiyaki Ice Cream (the right one)

ピノ(Pino) is a Japanese desert/snack food of ice cream covered in chocolate, but this one covered in white chocolate.

I really having a great Christmas Party today, how bout you? 😉

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