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I really want to use this kind of horn deer on Christmas

Yeah, on Christmas day 25th I’m having a Christmas party with my friends (contains 3 women and 7 men). We didn’t gath for religious thingy, all of us have a different religion (it was 4 Christian 3 Catholic, 2 Buddhist, and me, a deist xD). We can be the portrait of a bunch of different peoples but still in harmony xD. We have a gath and share some fun together, have dinner, play some games, and of course Christmas gift. All of us will use Santa Hat, and this kind of Gath is being held every years.

Actually, this year, I want to have a Deer Horn instead of Santa Hat, but I can’t find one which fit my taste. And then when I watch Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Eun Bi’s Deer Horn is catching my eyes!

근데, 어떻하지 ?!
크리스마스 3일 남아는데… 😦

I have no time to looking for it since I’m working all day …
I can’t even order it on online shop, the delivery thingy will took some time 😦

I can make it

I got some crafting skill, especially making a doll or any other accessories, it’s one of my hobby (include knitting), I only do it if I had freetime, or if I want to give a special gift for someone, handmade will be great. 😉

I also found a pattern for another type of Deer Horn,

BUT…I don’t have enough materials,I’m running out of Santa’s red fabric and glue, also I don’t have wire and the headband… The most desperate thing is, I don’t have enough time to go buy the materials…

Arggghhh!!! What should I do~~~~?!
Should I keep it for next year? 😦
I really hope that there are 36 hours a day…

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