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Today I went to a beauty salon with my friend, Julia. At first,  we’re going there for hair treatment, but I ended up dying my hair. I always want to dye my hair.

Dark Reddish Brown / Chestnut

I want to have a dark reddish brown /chestnut hair color just like Kristen Stewart

But yeah, it turns out not the way I want it to be. It’s just black with some reddish under the sun.

The hairdresser said that the outcome will be good after several days later (really? I doubt it), It’s a bit reddish, but not really brown. I think I’ll just wait several days, and look if there any different.

It’s a cheap beauty salon actually, so I don’t really expect too much.

Met an old friend of mine

So before dying my hair, we have lunch first. While I’m waiting for the food, I met my junior high school buddy, Theresia. She’s sitting right across my table, what a coincidence! She called me by by name, Goshhh, it’s been 6 years since the last time I saw her. She brings her daughters, the 5 years Jacelyn and the 2 years Rachel. I don’t even have a bf right now, and she already has two daughters >_< She looks very different, because she always having a short bob haircut, and now she has a long hair (longer than mine), she turns into a beautiful mom. She said that being mom is hell busy. We have a chat, and reminisce some old days, and ask me if I had any bf, when I answer her “Not at the moment”, she said that I’m too picky. (Ukhh.. I hate that word, I’m not that picky, it’s just there’s no one approach me at the moment –LOL). We keep each other contact number so we can keep in touch. Then she said she should go, looking for a Christmas’ dress, so we apart there. 😉

After dying my hair and getting some hair treatment. We go from a shop to another shop. Because it’s near Christmas, there’s a SALE on every shop. So we are wandering around, look into each shop, especially the one with “SALE” written at the door. After spending so much money, we got hungry again, and have a dinner. I’ve been there from 2 PM to 10 PM.

When I told my friend (who is a guy) that we’re go shopping for 8 hours, he said,

Wow, woman sure has a lot of energy to spend like that–LOL

Well, actually I don’t really much doing shopping, only if there’s any special occasion, just like now. Christmas is coming, I have to buy several Christmas gifts, and looking for a Santa Hat for my little niece, Audrey.

So the things I got today are 2 piece of shirts, Chibi Santa Hat, Theresia’s contact number and cramped foot. 😀

Song titled “My Sweet Day” sung by Shin Min Ah, is perfect for this day 😉

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