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I really love this song… the most I like from all of their song.

Fin.K.L is a legend in Korean Girl Band (year active 1998-2002), they are being loved by soooo many fans. You might know some of their member who still exist even now, It’s Lee Hyori, Ock Joo Hyun, Lee Jin (Man of Honor) and Sung Yu Ri (Maknae | Hong Gil Dong, Romance Town). Ock Joo Hyun is Fin.K.L member who is fat when their first debut (you can see their old video), but she lost her weight and become slim. She inspired many girls in Korea at that time, look at the video, Ock Joo Hyun is the one who has the strongest vocal, she’s slim now. 🙂

They are really shining at their era. After the unofficial breakup of the group at 2002, some of them go solo, and some of them go drama.

Somehow, for some reason, when I watch “The Greatest Love“, Gu Ae Jung’s girlband “Girl National Treasure” is so much likely Fin.K.L. The number of the member (it’s 4 person), the way they dressed up, their  MV,  the maknae (the youngest member) hairstyle, and also the dismissal of the group.

Too bad, they only last for 4 years, but the 4 years are really shining through the nation. Look at the video, even it’s a year 1999’s MV, they looks so fashionably, pure and not naughty, doesn’t looks fake too (I mean fake here is, trying to be cute or etc like whatever Korean girl band nowadays), I really love them. And the concert theme is so me, I love white!!! (maybe the theme is pure white love or something xD).

They are in their beginning of 20’s at that time, and now they all already on their 30’s. Makes me realize, human keep aging, and time keep flowing, but they’re still beautiful at their 30’s!!! +_+

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