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I’m A Flower, Too!

After watch the first 2 episodes of “I’m a flower, too!”, I like this drama a lot. I cried a lot in the end of 2nd episode, when she’s crying and said;

I hate to be myself
I hope I wasn’t myself

Crying Is Important!

Who said crying is only for children, it’s wrong!

In the drama, the female lead was going under consultation psychotherapy, as if she’s get a mental illness, such as stress, it’s hard for her to express her feeling, that she always keep it by herself, and she don’t have any friends to talk to. And the psychiatric told her that she’s suffer a depression. But in the end of 2nd episode, she start to show her feelings by crying over the phone to the doctor. I realize that crying is important when you are having a hard time. After everything happen, just cry out loud, after that you will feel relieved, then you can think clearly. I think that’s why God created lachrymal glands in body anatomy. 😉

The Story of Mine

Having A Hard Time

I’m sure every living thing in this world, having a hard time.
It’s not only you, note that on your mind.
But the level of each living things to overcome this are different.

I was experienced the same thing as the female lead in the drama, when I was a young 15 years old teenager, I’m having a very hard time (I won’t write it here, it’s a complex story, that no one want to read it, include myself), and I had no friends to talk to, I keep it all my self until one day, its burst up and I found myself crying loudly in front of mirror in my room, I shout at myself,

I hate to be myself
I hope I wasn’t myself

It’s Okay To Cry

My life was so miserable that I think that everything would be better if I died, I was a silly teenager who didn’t happy about my life at all, to the point I attempt to suicide, Then I took the scissors in my room, and start to slash my hand/artery (Don’t try this at home!!), it’s not a rusty scissors, but no matter how much I slash it, my hand still fine…

I continue crying loudly, no one comes, I just myself inside my own room.

Remember this phrase?

There’s no rainbow without any rain.

This phrase was made to cheer everyone up; the meaning is similar with “No pain no gain”, but in a beautiful context. It’s not fully beautiful phrase because

Even after rain there’s a beautiful rainbow,
But the rainbow is not last for a long time…

That’s what life is, the rainbow we can describe it as happiness, that won’t last long. But if you didn’t had a hard time, maybe you wouldn’t realize that there’s a rainbow, that the rainbow is really beautiful.

Gloomy Rin & Rinrin

That day, the Gloomy Rin is died, and Rinrin was born.

Rinrin such a cheerful girl who is always smiling and laughing no matter what happen, always optimistic, walking proudly looking straight by keeping the head up, confident, talk what she want to, extrovert.

In the other hand, the Gloomy Rin is a gloomy girl, who is pessimistic, always walking with my head down to earth, not confident, and do not talk much, introvert.

People like Rinrin a lot, and Rinrin got many friends. They even said that Rinrin is friendly, and my life slowly become brighter. Even sometimes the gloomy Rin is still lies there, waiting for a chance to get the body back. The Gloomy Rin taken over my body when my black essence more than 60% xD

I hope everyone can get their “Eternal Rainbow”
With a little rhythm of the falling rain 😉

PS : I really looking forward for the drama! They’re lovely!

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