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Recently I’m watching Japanese live-action “Ouran High School Host Club”, it’s kind of around 25 minutes drama per episode (it’s just 11 episodes), was made from famous manga with the same title, that’s why it’s called Live action.

At first I was a bit surprised because I think the character is quite exaggerated, especially Yamamoto Yusuke (the male lead), I never think that he can act like that (>_<) he was so cool in “Ninkyo Helper” (I think it means he can act so good that he can fit in any kind of role), the more I watch it, the more I feel they fit to act their character each another, It’s turn out to be GREAT, I find myself enjoy watching them to the end, and feel sad because it’s ended. But then I got happy again, because it seems next year (2012) they’re going to make the second season 😉 YAY~ 楽しみにしています!

This is my two cents.

The reason I still watch this kind of drama (which is maybe some people think it’s pretty ridiculous kind of drama) is because Japanese drama always took a fresh genre, and their comedian way is pretty different (very manga), and the actor even the actress could play even the very silly character. I salute them for that, especially “Arakawa Under The Bridge” (another live-action that hooked me up, I’ll review about it later), including this Ouran High School Host Club. In Japanese drama, almost every episode had some meaning of life to learn, they didn’t let you watched for nothing 😉

You can read the synopsis here =>> Ouran High School Host Club Live Action.

The Sweetest Scene after watched all of the 11 episodes

Here’s the story… (Hope this one isn’t count as a spoiler).

So Haruhi (the female lead) ‘s heart is thumping when she look into Tamaki-senpai (The male lead)’s eyes (she can’t look into his eyes LOL), then she was like trembling, then Tamaki-senpai ask what’s she eating, and tremblingly she said “It’s delicious, you want some?” and people staring at her saying that she’s such a commoner to behave so rude, feed people like that, she’s going to take back her hand, but the guy, grab her hand and eat the food!! mukyaaaaaa !!! *squealinggg*

Then the girl said that people are looking at them, but Tamaki-senpai said:

To me, Haruhi…
Even if the whole world is laughing at us, I don’t care.
The person I care about the most is only you.

LOL!! What a super cheesy line xD

But Haruhi is blushing after hearing he said that, and soon the other come up, looking at her face in red, they think she catching a cold.

Mori-senpai carry her going to take her to hospital *Lmao* kyaaa Mori-senpaii!!

Okay, here’s the character~~


He’s Ootori Kyoya, the 3rd son of Ootori Family.

How much should I say? I love nerd GUY!!! xD
So, from all of the Host in the Ouran High School Host Club, The most I like is Kyoya-senpai… !! o(≧▽≦)o

Mori-senpai & Honey-senpai

Mori-senpai is a silent man, he’s master of kendo and he’s 3rd year senpai. And so the Honey-senpai, even he’s looks so cute, always bring a doll, and like to eat sweets food like cakes, he’s a master of judo! (there’s an episode where he become Black Honey)  o(≧▽≦)o

The Twin – Kaoru & Hikaru

Identically Twin Kaoru & Hikaru, even after watching all of 11 episodes, I still can’t tell which one Kaoru and which one Hikaru ( > _ < )


He’s the heir of Nekozawa Family, just like the name “neko”, it’s something about Cat’s black magic LOL~ That’s why he always dressed up like that. He’s afraid of sun and light, but in fact he’s handsome!!! o(≧▽≦)o

You can watch this when you had so much free time, it’s good for fun!

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