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After my previous post about me wanting “Daddy Long Legs”, then fately I jump into a Korean Movie year 2005, starring Ha Ji Won, Yun Jung Hoon and Hyun Bin as cameo. The movie title is “Daddy Long Legs“. It’s a very sweet movie, and of course overflowing tears… I’m not going to do any spoiler here, you should just watch the movie weheheh 😉

List of Sweet Scene in This Movie

How could in this movie, almost every sweet moments are my dream scene of dating, it means I really want to experienced it when I had a boy friend wahaha xD

The guy in the movie is not really handsome, but he had a warm smile, I’m sure I was captivated by his character in this movie. (My criteria for guy is not difficult, the guy doesn’t have to be handsome or etc etc, at least he can moved my heart, and smiling only at me ;p) btw FYI he’s the husband of Han Ga In, they’re married at April 2005, and this movie released in January that year, it means he’s still unmarried when he filming this (that’s not really important to know tough -LOL-).

1st Scene – Met in a Lift

For this one actually I ever experienced this before,
but it turn out to be… err… bad ending…
He doesn’t even remember when our first met, fail…. *cries* 😦

2nd Scene – Fated Under The Rain

Yeah, It’s fated. Meeting in a such a place, and stuck because of rain. You must be really want to stop the time, or at least slow motion it!! *giggle ear-to-ear*

3rd Scene – Under The Same Umbrella

So the guy walk you home under the same umbrella…
I know it’s kinda old-fashioned, but it’s SWEET~~!! *melt*

4th Scene – Got A Super Huge Teddy Bear

I admit it, I love surprise, just like this one, suddenly got a huge teddy bear when she felt down. I think It’s sweet 🙂 I want  to try squeeze such a huge teddy bear at least once. Hope someone gimme one someday 😉

5th Scene -Walking Together

Walking together like this gotta be so sweet, riding a bicycle also great. Nowadays people tend to ride a car or motorcycle. Well, that’s not bad either, it’s just me, who likes outdoor activity, looking at the trees and sky, feel the air, so nature, feels great! 🙂

6th Scene -Received A Bucket of Roses

I ever got flower, actually it’s from my ex-bf  at Valentine’s Day 2009 (If I had to counted it, It’s a pair of white roses), that’s the 1st and only flower I ever got at my 24 ( =__= ). I never got a bucket of roses, and I still wish that someone could hand me one in a surprise xD (This is why I said that maybe I shouldn’t watch too many romantic movie or drama, I’ll get drag into dream world >_<)

7th Scene -Sudden Popped Up At Street

Here’s the story, so the girl is walking alone on the street, and suddenly the guy walking after her and stop his step, the girl startled because someone suddenly stopped, but when the guy turning his head to her and smile, she smiles back to him 😉

8th Scene – Another Sweet Scene

You should watch the drama for the details –LOL

9th Scene -Walking Together

Spending time together by walking, chit chat, and laughing together. It’s just a simple thing that every couple did, but I find it sweet.

10th Scene- Stargaze At Night

Sitting down on the grass, looking at the stars, ending the day by talking about the stars, and talking heart to heart.

Reward – Kiss On The Cheek

After all he did to you, I think he deserved a reward, kiss on the cheek or even more, It’s you girls who decided ^^ I think kiss on the lips is okay too xD

Kay, It’s done….
Hope someday I can experienced all of this, and filled my blog with it –LOL– 😉
Thanks for jump jump around here, have a nice day!

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