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Smiling doesn’t always means that “I’m okay”
It could be “Don’t worry, I’ll try to be okay”

Today I spend my savings to buy a brand new refrigerator.
Well, if I can choose, I prefer bought a notebook or Samsung Galaxy S-II that I always dreamed. But I can’t do that.

I always envy my friend, they always whining to their parent’s who didn’t buy them what they want, but at least their parent can send them into college, their parent can bought them a present on their birthday. Their parent can grant their wish, you want a car? Their daddy can buy them a car. They can use their own salary to plan their next trip to Korea, Singapore, Phuket, etc. They can use their own salary to buy a brand new gadget.

While I’m here is the reverse version.

Even my own gadget that I used now (It’s is a blackberry), I got it freebie from a door prize. At that time I really feel blessed, It was like a present from God, why? Because I’m someone who cannot buy that kind of gadget, even if I had money I will spend it for another thing which is really necessary, because that kind of gadget is secondary or tertiary.

I should hold back everything.
They never ask me to, but I’m the one who think that:
They will love this food, so I bought it.
The rice cooker is deceased, ah, I need to buy the new one
This DVD player is out of control, Ah, that’s it.
The refrigerator is not working properly now, oh my God…

Why did I think that way?

Because I thought they will happy if I did so.

Now I’m totally broke… I’m stressed out.
I need someone to lean, tapped my back and say, “You did well.”
I can only whining on my own blog.
While in reality, I had to keep smile and say “I’m okay”.

There’s a time when I think, that would be great to have “Daddy Long Legs”.

Do you know “Daddy Long Legs”?

It’s a novel, and also a childhood story about a girl who got a benefactor who help her, but in return she should write the benefactor a letter once in a month (If I had daddy long legs like this, I’m ready to write a letter once a day!!! LOL!!). It’s a sweet and lovely story but I don’t want to have that kind of sad ending like in the Jean Webster’s novel –LOL– (This is spoiler but It’s got bad ending).

Finally I can eat a huge bowl of ice cream now with my new refrigerator o(≧▽≦)o it’s something to be grateful, since I love ice cream, especially the green tea flavor 😉

After I accomplish this refrigerator mission, the next one is mom’s fake teeth. Why the heck fake teeth cost so much?! ~x(

When the time comes that I could buy Samsung Galaxy S-II,
I think Samsung will already launch their Samsung Galaxy S-V LOL!!!

Yosh Ganbaruzoooo~

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