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It’s strangely but it’s truth, that the first song that I translated is Japanese Song Time of Love 』by Crystal Kay, and the first drama I working on subbing squad (as spot translator) is  『Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011, LOL, It’s all japanese xD Even if I counted it all, the number of korean song I translated is more than the Japanese ahahaha.

And this time I was assigned to be spot translator for lovely movie 『キミとボク』 (Kimi to Boku a.k.a You and I). This is why I love J-Movie and J-Drama, because they make an unusual story. It’s a movie about the pet (super cute cat) and the owner, no romance, no action, it’s purely about the pet and the master. We are going to provide the English subs for this 45 minutes Movie, the English subs is available now but the fansub’s site is currently down.

Lyrics & Translation of the ending song in the movie

Tegami / Letter (click here to listen)
Sung by Sakamoto Maaya

kimi to boku no suki datta mono popura to mikazuki
The things that you and I like is Poplar and crescent moon

natsu no kumo to ame agari no nioi
The Summer cloud and smells after rain

eien yori mo nagai aida
Longer than forever

futari wa soba ni ita
We were always together

tada hito koto kimi ni mata todoku no nara
If only this word still can reach you

ai wo arigatou
Thanks for the love

boku no kodoku ni sawattekureta hito
The person who moved my solitude

kimi to boku no suki datta mono poppera to mikazuki
The things that you and I like is Poplar and crescent moon

Kanji Lyrics, romanization & Translation : aikawaringo

PS: This lyric’s kanji and romanization was made by my hearing ability and my japanese knowledges, so it might not 100% accurate xD.

Here’s the cute cat, named “Gin’ougo”, he’s superrrrr cute, I’d like to squeeze my PC when I watch him on screen omygahhhh >_<

Mom, I want this cattttttt so badddd!!!
(my Mom didn’t allow me to raise kitten T__T)

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