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Have you ever gambling?

It’s not about gamble by bet your money on it,
But gamble your life in order to pick a choice.
Actually, I’m only doing this if I’m kinda desperate (It ‘s my old habit -lol-)

For example:

While I’m waiting for a bus on the bus stop,
I was like running out of time or I’m in a hurry, then I’d like to gamble

If the bus come before the cab then I will take the bus,
But if the cab comes before the bus, I will take the cab.

Haha, in this case, I hope the bus comes before the cab,
So I don’t need to spend so much money for taxi fare -lol-

Another gamble is…

When I’m going to buy a pair of shoes,
Usually if they run out of stock they would sell the one on the display-.

If the shoes run out of stock then I wouldn’t buy it..
But if there’s a stock, I will buy it 😉

About this one, I wish the shoes is not running out of stock,
But if it did, then it means I’m not meant together with the shoes -LOL-

Another Happiness

But Today’s Gamble is…

If he appeared in front of me tonight, I will give him another chance to chase me,
But if he didn’t, I will stop, move forward, and forget about him… (It wouldn’t be easy)

Even I said it’s a gamble, in fact, I want to give him a chance, but I’m desperate. So I let God settle this.

I’m sitting on the bus stop,
I wish he really come…
(It’s randomly; we are not in an appointment)
If he didn’t appeared then I will just take the bus…and go home…it was around 9:30 PM,

But again, he appeared!
He said he was there for another appointment since evening…
(Is it coincidence?) Whatever it is, I’m happy 😉
He drives me home after having dinner with me…

I think it means that God wants me to give him another chance ahaha…
You wouldn’t know how happy I am…
It feels like God grant my wish again… 😉

Thanks for jump jump around here 😀

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