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공주의 남자 (The Princess’ Man) Quotes Collection

“정”이란 대체 뭐 아시냐?
세상을 향이 묻습니다
나는 대답 할 것입니다
우리를 하야금 아무런 망설임 도 없이
삼과 죽음을 서로 허락하는거
그것이 바로 “정” 이라고

Romanization :
“Jeong”-iran daeche mwo asinya?
Sesangeul hyang-i mudseumnida
Naneun daedabhalgeosimnida
Urireul hayageum amureon mangseorim do eobsi
Samgwa jugeumeul seoro heorakhaneungeo
Geugeosi baro “Jeong”-irago.
Translation :
What on earth is “Love”?
I ask the World.
And I will answer…
That which make us unhesitatingly
Grant life and death to each other
That is what “Love” is.
~Quotes : 공주의 남자 Ep. 07 (00:20:25 Hanrel)~
Note: “Jeong” can be Affection / Love
김승유 : 어디로 가는지 묻지 도 안했어?
이세령 : 어디든 상관 없습니다.
Romanization :
Kim Seung Yoo : eodiro ganeunji mudji do anhaesseo?
Lee Se Ryung : eodideun sanggwan eobseumnida.
Translation :
Kim Seung Yoo : Why are you not even asking where we are going?
Lee Se Ryung : I will follow you, wherever you may go.
~Quotes : 공주의 남자 Ep. 21 (00:34:33 Hanrel)~
김승요 : 날 따라 면, 더 어문 고생 길이요…
이세령 : 저승 길이어도… 좋습니다.
Romanization :
Kim Seung Yoo : nal ttara myeon, deo eomun gosaeng giriyo…
Lee Se Ryung : jeoseung girieodo… Johseumnida.
Translation :
Kim Seung Yoo : If you follow me, there will be an endless road of hardship…
Lee Se Ryung : Even if it’s a road to death… I will still follow you.
Quotes : 공주의 남자 Ep. 21 (00:37:29 Hanrel)~

PS :
This quotes was made according my hearing ability -LOL-
The “red word” means I’m not really sure. (Please tell me if you know the exact word) 😀

~To be continued~

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