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Hehe… for me The Song goes to….

Lee Seung Gi with his song “Will You Marry Me” 😀

I really want to be proposed with this song –LOL Dream on– xD~

I love how each lyrics of this song are very meaningful, including the rap lyrics and so how the cheerful melody. Sounds like the guy is really will love and take care of the woman very dearly… Even though maybe it’s sounds a bit filled with cheesy lines (woman likes cheesy lines ehehehe~), and too much promises, but still It’s a great song for me 😉

You don’t need to be cheesy when you’re dating, but you can be cheesy when you’re proposing muahahaha~

Well, It’s about life, It’s proposing, and The guy is going to do this once in a life time right? so it’s okay to be cheesy, and don’t be embarrassed. The Guy need to convince the woman, so a promise should be made. That’s why this song is a perfect song for this moment hehehe  😉

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