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즐거운 나의 하루 / Jeulgeoun Naui Haru / My Sweet Day
by 신민아/Shin Min Ah

This is actually a CF song for a notebook (LG Xnote), There are 7 episode of X-Note CF miniseries (Starring Shin Min Ah, Hyun Bin & Ryu Seung Beom). This CF really makes me want to buy this notebook LOL~ The cute little cat and of course Shin Min Ah’s Lovely Voice (Click here for Shin Min Ah – My Sweet Day Live)  😉

Let’s learn Korean from this Simple lovely song lyrics 😉

Hangeul Lyrics

잘 지내나요?
요즘은 바쁜가요?
또 만나요 다음번엔
맛있는 밥을 먹어요
전화할께요 가끔 연락해요
안녕 안녕
즐거운 나의 하루

얼굴 좋아졌네요
하는 일은 다 잘되나요
모두들 건강한가요
다음 만날 땐 꼭 술 한잔해요
안녕 안녕
안녕 안녕
즐거운 나의 하루

Lyrics Romanization

Yojeumeun bappeungayo?
Tto mannayo daeumbeonen
Masinneun babeul meogoyo
Jeonhwahalkkeyo Kakkeum yeollakhaeyo
Anyong anyong
Jeulgeoun naui haru

Eolgur johajyeonneyo
Haneun ireun da jaldoenayo
Modudeul geonganghangayo
Daum mannal ttaen kkok sul hanjanhaeyo
Annyeong annyeong
Anyeong annyeong
Jeulgeoun naui haru

English Translation

Nice to meet you
How are you?
Are you being busy lately?
Let’s meet again next time
And having a delicious meal
I’ll call you so let’s keep in touch
Bye bye
My sweet Day

Nice to meet you
It’s been a long time
Your face looks fine
It’s seems everything is going alright
Are you being all healthy?
Next time we meet, let’s have a drink
Bye Bye
Bye bye
My sweet day

잘 지내나요? (Jal jinaenayo?) can also means “Are you doing okay?”
안녕 can be “Hello/Hi” or “Goodbye/ bye”

Hangeul, Lyrics Romanization & English Translation : aikawaringo
Please give a proper credit if you going to use it anywhere.
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My mom is starting to be annoying again. This is not the first time she being like this. It doesn’t mean I hate her, I love her, It’s just I’m getting annoyed.

She always being like this…

She keep asking me when I’m going out or when I’m going back, like who’s I’m going out with, where do I go, what food I’m eating, and many more. (I know it means she cares about me). But I also know that she was trying to interrogate me (actually she wants to know if I’m going out with a guy or not). For her who already getting married at age 23, maybe my age is being her concern now (I’m on my way to 25).

It’s not like I don’t want to tell her, but I really not dating any guy right now, so I think it’s better if I didn’t tell her anything if I’m just at the state “approaching a guy”, isn’t it?

If I’m really dating a guy, of course I want to tell her, introduce him to her, saying proudly …

“Mom, this is my man”

I always told her that I’m going out with my friend, and it’s true. I told her so because I don’t want to make her having a fake hope, even I’m getting close with someone, but if he is not my bf yet, I won’t tell her anything. But she seems really disappointed, and keep interrogating me, she keeps demanding, comes into her own conclusion. And she even said :

“Don’t be picky”

She said that every woman in this world has a Spring Age (Spring Age is a stage when a woman is being loved by many guys), but then if you passed that age because you’re being too picky, you will become a spinster. (There’s a Korean drama about this titled “Dal Ja’s Spring”, it’s a story when the main lead is an old 33 years old spinster, but then get her Spring Age at her 33, she got a 6 years younger lover 😀 such a lovely drama). Okay, back to topic! She said that she’s afraid I will become an old spinster. She always advised me, for not being too picky. Gosh, I never being picky, I really trying hard to not being picky, I give my best mom, but you should know that this is a heart problem, I can’t control it >_<

And I’m starting to run out of alibis, so everytime she being concern about this thingy,
I will only say,

Pray for me, Mom.

Even I’m not catholic or christian, I know that it was on Matthew 7:7, there’s a phrase said “Ask and it will be given to you” (it’s a public knowledge I think)Lol but She is Buddhist– 😀

I know she will always mention me on her pray list, she is my lovely mom. And a mother’s pray has a higher possibility to be granted by God :p (ahaha that’s my silly wishful thought).

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