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Today I’m having a chat with Kazu-senpai (that’s what I called him). For me he’s my senpai, he knows a lot of things that I don’t know and a good senpai who kindly explain me even when I asking silly stuff (Lol), he even understand my poor English when I’m having a chat with him (I keep screwing the grammars and using weird vocabs/sentences -lol-). We are gamer (He still and I was) but in a different genre of game I think, he likes Dead Space and Mass Effect. After I google it, it seems a very interesting game, I’m desperately want to play the game, but I don’t think my PC can run this game (my PC is pretty old bleh =__=). We having a chat after along time and I’m glad he’s doing okay.

And again, I’m asking people about “Dream Job” (whoa, I’ve been asking a lot of peoples about this thing -LOL-). It’s different between “Dream” and “Dream Job”. “Dream” is something you want to achieve, while “Dream Job” is something you want to keep doing it. Of course dream job is something that you really like to do. I’m glad we share a same dream job.

To be a writer …

He told me about his writing’s synopsis, in English. It’s such a very interesting story. I imagine it in my head with a high-tech CG +_+ (I can’t revealed the story here since it’s not my property).

I want to be a writer of a story which is being loved by many readers, and made into movie. I know it’s not easy at all that’s why it’s my dream job (wait!, “to be a kindergarten teacher” is also my dream job! -lol- I got too many dream job~).

I always having a hard time since I need a reviewer for my script, I ask some of my friends to read it, I mailed it to them, but they didn’t read it at all, maybe they don’t have so much time to read it or maybe the story is way too high-imagination so it didn’t appeal to them. I’m thinking to stop writing if I got a negative review, since my script already reached the 88th page. So I ask kazu-senpai how to get reviewer, he said that he would like to read it and review it, but too bad we have a different language (T__T), so he told me to let my friend read it and ask them personally to review it. Then I twit it on my local twitter :

I need a reviewer who can give me a quality feedback for my unfinished 90 pages novel.

And yeah! My friend gave a reply!

I would love to read it, Send it to me…

Pyo is My First Reviewer and Editor.

Let’s call her “Pyo”, she is my BFF, we met on 1st year High School, I called her “pyo” because I always remember when she laugh “pyo pyo pyo” imitate Pyokora’s laugh.:D

Pyokora is left one with yellow-hair, the right one is Dejiko
She used to be a bad-girl but in comedy way -LOL-

Pyo is also a gamer, and anime lover so I think it will be easy for her to imagine my script.

My script is a fantasy-adventure story, in a different world, with many races such as Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Nymph, Siren, and many more. This script got many influence from Norse and Greek mythology. It’s already reached it’s 88th page but still untitled. She read it right away, finished up those 88 pages in one day, and gave me a positive respond and some feedback,

It’s awesome, the script can revealed my imagination about fantasy novel.

I’m so happy to hear this, she said that the story is exciting, she encourage me to finish the story, and that she’s my -unfinished untitled- script’s first fan. xD

Actually, I think that my script won’t be appeal so much for some people who didn’t play games or don’t like watching any fantasy movie. It will be a bit difficult to imagine it.

There are so many feedback from her too (I noted it), she said that

  1. I’m lacking in details, like how I describing a beautiful the village, background setting (I admit it that I’m not good in describing background).
  2. Scene jumping, lack scene’s detail, and that I need to make Prologue.
  3. Many inappropriate words (I also bad in my mother language lol),
  4. I’m creating too much character that can make people who read it pretty confused. I think I got influenced by Oda-sensei, he’s my fave mangaka who created One Piece, One Piece is an adventure pirate story with so many fellows, interesting character, strong friendship and amazing story +_+.

She even correct it with red colour and make so much “Comment” in the script. She looks like a professional editor, her comments are really precious feedback for me, thank you very much my dear friend. 😉

Thanks for jumping here, even I know you accidentally dropped here~ 😉

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