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I always attracted to a folded sleeve!

I also don’t know why, but that appeals to me so much >_<

Like… if a guy wearing a V-neck T-shirt, covered it with a men’s blazer, then folding the the sleeve like the pictures below, somehow will be look gorgeous in my eyes (+_+). ちょうかっこい!!!

The Many Stages of the Sleeve Roll

Guide how to Roll Up Shirt’s Sleeve

Among those three, I like the number 3 so much, number 2 is okay too. 😀
But just not number one…

I also like to see, when a guy folding his shirt’s sleeve …

But the weird thing is… I don’t like to fold my own sleeve …
It’s kinda bothersome…  ( =__= )

Usui also folding his sleeves !

Ahahaa… Am I strange? >_<

Sorry for jumping into my nonsense! 😉

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