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オードリーの色々活動 (Audrey’s Various Activity)

Audrey is at her 8th month now… Let’s see what she can do 😉

  1. She can eat Vegetables now (and even fruits!)

  2. She can Swim on her bed 😀

  3. She can sleep anywhere with any style!

  4. She can Standing Proudly!

  5. She has a strong desire over a gadget thingy!

She will crawling right away whenever she saw a gadget.

Today, I was visiting her on my bro’s home, she is a big fan of “Sesame Street” and “Justin Bieber”. She’s only 8 months but she really likes to hear JB’s song “Baby” (And yeah she’s still a baby) -LOL-

I’m so look into her next progress hehehe, Love you my niece 😉

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