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I’m not from China, but my family celebrate a Moon Festival on a Full Moon Day (People in Korea also celebrate this event, they called this event 추석 / Chuseok). This festival was being celebrated every year, originally to celebrate harvest moon, and this year the festival held on tomorrow (September 12th 2011). I’m not Korean, so we have a different culture to celebrate this event. Our tradition food on that day is Mooncake. But we never eat mooncake on the Moon Festival Day… My family didn’t afford to buy it before the Moon Day because the price is way too expensive. We usually bought it after the Festival, because the price will drop cheaper (pretty much cheaper). And sometimes, if we are lucky, we got the fresh one, but if we are bad luck we got the rotten one, so we would throw it away, but since it’s cheap, it’s not a big deal… It’s just because the price gap between before and after the Moon Festival is really different, so we prefer eat it the next day. I wonder if that way of thinking… Is this poverty? I actually think, what the use to eat it after the festival, we missed the point isn’t it. But I think being able to eat it is also something grateful.

The most I like is mooncake with mung bean and egg yolk

I love moon, everyday I always looking at the moon on my way home from office. I’m taking a bus and walking around 30 minutes everday, so I have 30 minutes to staring at the moon, and sometimes the sky of night is very beautiful with the moon and stars on it. 😉

There’s a night without moon and any star (It’s usually a gloomy night with many dark cloud covered the sky). If you didn’t see any stars at night, then it means that night is going to rain, so don’t forget to bring your umbrella. And,

There’s a night with a very beautiful moon and thousands stars shining, and if you see many stars shining at the night, then it’s means the rain wouldn’t come that night. I usually pray for Saturday night to have many stars on it, I love rains, but just not at saturday night hehehe 🙂

I’m glad that I still able to see the Moon and Stars everyday, I’m lucky! 😉

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