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The song is “It Must Be Love” by Madness ~Lovely Song~

Well, I do really want this phone, but in this post I’m not talking about the phone -LOL-

I found this CF coincidentally on youtube, this 30 seconds’CF is about what the husband did for their Anniversary (with the help of the smart phone). He woke up early morning, go buy flowers and balloons, cook pancakes, spread the rose petals on the floor, and surprise the wife when she wake up. Such a lovely husband.

I want this kind of hubby!
Where I can find one?!
I think it’s pretty rare… 😦
Usually a man will only take the woman to a restaurant and feed her, give her a present, and done!

Even I haven’t married right now so I don’t have hubby (right now), but if I got one someday, I really want him to be like this +_+ He don’t have to take me to any restaurant, at home just like this CF is great too, then doing tango after eat the supper will be perfect 😉

Someday… surely… muahahaha… too much drama ~_~

Sorry for jumping into my nonsense! 😀

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