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Bad Sense of Brand

August 26th 2011

I met my friend’s friend, this is the first time we met.
They’re nice, but I think I don’t really fit them.

There are many kind of people in this word, some of them is the pair of this opposite type : They are who have so much greed and they who don’t have much greed.

Imo, since Greed is one of 7 sins, there’s no human who doesn’t have any greed, they had but the Greed Level each human is different.
Greed, in korean it’s 욕심 (read: yoksim), in japanese it’s 欲 (read: yoku).

I can’t stay with them for a long time.
I ever write it somewhere on my blog that I’m someone who has a dark heart. Maybe only 1% of my heart still white, the rest of them is black and dark grey. That I’m trying my best to keep it grey, or even become white. It’s not easy.

But staying with them is absorbing my white essence.

They’re talking about branded items.

I’m a person who doesn’t really care about what they’re using, what they’re wearing, how much the prices of those branded item or wtf etc…

I don’t even want to know…

I acknowledge it, that I’m lacking in this area. I’m not only bad sense of direction, I can’t even recognize a car. I should look at the plate number, and colour, to know if it’s my friend’s car or not before I jump in. If I’m watching movie like “transformer” I don’t even know which one is Ferrari, I only can call it depend on the colour, like “the white one”, “the green one”, etc. My eyes, can look the difference, that car is awesome just look into the shaped, but it’s just that, I can’t remember what’s the brand of those car, even they told me once, I will forget it soon. Maybe we can call this “bad sense of brand“.

It’s not only happen to cars, but also bag, and dresses. Maybe when my eyes saw a beautiful dress, will be “whoa that dress is so beautiful”, but that’s all, without knowing what kind of brand it is.

But then those new acquaintances said:

“How much do you think my bag’s price?”
My answer : “sorry I don’t know.”
“Just guess it”
My answer : Sorry, I can’t, I don’t know these kind of stuff.”

Then she answer that it’s around 2000 USD, brand Burberry (I’m really sorry, I don’t even know that in this world, there’s a brand named “Burberry”).
And she said that she has another branded bag 2500 USD.

(oh come on, do I have to know how much your bag’s price? I don’t even know how much the price of my own bag, the one I used right now, since it’s my birthday gift, I treasure it a lot)

I do know, brand item like Gucci, LouiseVitton, etc. But even I know the brand name, I don’t really remember the stuff, I don’t know how it’s looks, I don’t even care when people used it or not, since I can’t tell the difference between the fake or the real one. Also I don’t attracted to those brand design. Even if I had the money, I think I will reconsider about around 20 times before I bought it (it might ended up I’m not buying it too LOL).

Why? It’s clear right? That something that precious to you, your life achievement, wouldn’t be same with another person. For me, instead of buying a bag 2500 USD, I’m prefer feed it into orphanage, those large sums of money, sure can feed a lot of peoples who are starving.

I’m sorry to say this, but even you said that your bag is a branded item, for me it’s nothing. Even you laughing over my cheap-no-brand-bag which even me -dont-know- how much the price. It’s better than your Burberry bag. Because I received it as a gift from my beloved friend.
Even you laughing over my other cheap-no-brand-bag, I bought it with my own hardwork, so I treasure it a lot.

I’m also a human, I’m sure that I do have some greed.
But maybe my greed is not in this brand thingy.
And I haven’t find where’s my greed lies to.

It’s not bad to have some greed, It’s lead us to an ambition, an achievement. So you would have a goal. This life needs a goal.
But just don’t let your goal drag you into a river called greed, once you lost, it would be difficult to come back I think…

Even so, sometimes I’m wondering, when it would be, the day where I can step into a shop and taking any item without I’m looking at the price’s tags -LOL- I think I’m watching too much drama with the scene when chaebol buying stuff just by taking it~

Yay, thanks for jumping into my nonsense, even I know that you’re accidentally dropped here hehehe 😉

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