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Rules Before Sleep #1   (I made this rules lol~)

Do not watch sad drama!
Because it makes you cry all night long, creeping out your neighbors,
then your eyes will swollen when you wake up in the morning.

Tonight I watched 「 Scent of Woman 」 the 10th episode. Yeah the drama start to get into the climax, and another tears overflowing on my cheek. Very sad, I ended up sulking and crying whole episode!.

The things I got from this episode:
We never really appreciate what we have in this life. Being healthy, and being loved is enough. Just like the scene when Yoo Hye Won (Lee Yeon Jae’s best friend) shared about her story being proposed by an average man (I think almost all women, sometimes are whining over something like this, the feeling wants more and more, to find a better guy, but… until which point you will reach your satisfaction?), and just like what Lee Yeon Jae said, that being healthy and being loved by someone is already made her envy so much (I’m very touched by this line), I was like being slapped right on my cheek. It’s a good drama for self-reflection.

I think I should value my life more.

Even though I don’t have anybody who loved me (this one is the missing puzzle) except my parents and my brother, but I do have a pretty healthy life, and I’m not suffering in financial even it’s a bit tight. I do live well.

Thanks God for giving me a good life.

Even it’s not the Great or the Best.
One day, I’ll turn it into one of them.
Why? Because it’s my Life 🙂

이 인생은 재밌게 살기…

PS : and I would found my “Missing Puzzle” hehehe 😉

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