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7th Month – Audrey

August 9th 2011

Today, Audrey is 7th months baby (my niece).

So glad, she grew up healthily as such an energic lovely baby girl.
She grew up so fast (I’m sad if that means I keep aging huhuhu).

I’m the only one her “Gomo” (Aunty from father’s side), she doens’t have “Imo” (Aunty from mother’s side), and she doesn’t have samchon (Uncle) from both side. Hope I can be a good Gomo for her.

I’ll teach her Japanese and Korean when she grow up  muahahaha~ I’ll teach her how to seduce male (lol, i think this one isn’t a good thing to teach). But I think we’re in a different generation, when she’s 17, I’ll be 41 years old (OMYGAH!!!) *criesloudly*

Happy 7th month Audrey!
Gomo loves you~*kiss* 😉

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