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Today (August 7th 2011), when I open my eyes in the morning. I realize that last night, I had a very frightened dream.

I don’t really know when did the dream started, but the things I remember is a post-it with a name “Sanusi” and around 6 digits of number written there. It’s a strange name for me, and I think that the number was a phone number. (I used to remember those number, but right after I’m awake, I don’t really remember the number).

In my dream, that post-it is a really precious piece of paper, because strangely some people (very scary people, somekind like gangster) was looking for it continuously.
It was really scared, because it seems those guys will kill that person if they found it.

Then later, I know who’s those name in the post-it. That person is a guy, and he was hospitalized due to injury. I remembered how terrified I was when those guy looking for that piece of paper. I hide it anywhere, so those guys couldn’t find it.
Who is that guy named Sanusi?
Why are those guy looking for him like that?
What the hell did he do for being chased like that?
idk how it turn out to be, because I already wake up. (⌣́_⌣̀)

What an interesting dream, I even wake up several times but those dream still continue -lol- and because it’s an unusual dream, that’s why I write it down here in my blog, hehehe…

I wonder what does those name and numbers means to me, should I draw a lottery ticket with those number? Maybe I could win just like No Seun Geum in “Romance Town” lol.
But what the use of it then, since I don’t even remember the numbers now huhuhu…

Why I had such a dream?
Maybe I watched too much thriller and action movie?
Since this dream have no drama at all…
I prefer lovely dream better than this kind of dream. Hehehe especially a good dream, since it’s just a dream, can’t I have something happier than in real life?

Oh dear God, please give me a good lovely dream tonight (♒˙⌣˙♒)
who knows that dream might become true?
Or at least let me continue my dolphin show’s ticket dream…
I really curious if I’m gone to that show and having a good time or not (>_<)

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