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Today, my division is working while the others having a holiday extended. We have a different Boss, my boss is someone who lack of consideration towards his fellows, so we are the only division who working today at the office.

My assistant experienced something creepy today, not only once. Since we are only 3 person here in 3rd floor. She saw the toilet’s door keep shut-open hardly (make sound)… when there’s no one there, even a wind! (The toilet doesn’t have any window’s so there’s no change for wind to blow there) Both of them saw it, I wasn’t there at that time, that’s why she find out it’s creepy.

Then after lunch time, she was fall asleep at the lobby for a couple minutes, she wakes up and get into lift (going to 3rd floor), and right before the lift’s door shut, she saw the glass door at lobby is open, but no one is there!!!

Wtf, it’s so creepy… I even trembling creepy when I’m typing this…

When she got into 3rd floor, she’s running and keep saying she wants to go home…

Well, I actually doesn’t really mind about this, if we didn’t disturb them, they wouldn’t harm us, right? That’s what I think, but still creepy is creepy…

There are others who stay up late night or even spend night at office (working overtime) who said they spotted something here in 3rd floor. No one wants to spend night here after that. Some of them said it was a girl. But idk… It’s creepy!!!

I keep telling her, that there’s nothing, it’s a wind, that she only doze off , and having delusion, I told her that to make her calm down. I know I only act cool, well as her senior, you will doing this kind of thing to make people feel at ease, while I also feel creepy at the same time LOL.

Oh gosh, I hope I could fast forward time, I want to go homeeeeeeee!!!!!

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