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My sad story behind G.NA’s Song “내 사람이라서”…

Alphabet Games

Yesterday, I play a game with my friends, it’s an alphabet game, so we are having a chat on yahoo, and I come up with this game. The game is to mention a drink (brand name) from A-Z, fastly, so, if my friends laggy we will counting to 5, then s/he will get “Fault”, if you got 3 Faults, then you have to do “Truth/Dare” games.
We are starting from drink(brand) A-to-Z, food A-to-Z, and animal. Then I got 3 Faults, and the other only got 2 faults. So I’m the one who got the “Truth/Dare”.


Of course I choose “Truth”…
He ask me to tell him something about me that I never told anyone.
Then I ask him, what if I choose “Dare”?
He ask me to blonde my hair, and when I ask him about the salon fee, he told me that he going to make my hair blonde by his hand… =.=

So finally, I still choose the “Truth”.
The only thing that I never told anyone that I had a heavy one-sided love and my 1st confession. I told them about this story, he wants to see that person, so I’m spying on facebook, and I got his photo, it’s him holding his gf on the beach…
They looks very happy…

How A Song Can Digging Up Your Memories

But strangely at the same time G.NA’s song “내 사람이라서” (OST of The Greatest Love) is playing on my winamp…
Every single of the lyrics was like a small dagger stab into my heart…
I remember every moment with him…
that he was 내 사람이라서… 내 사랑이라서… (⌣́_⌣̀)

왜 듣지 못하니? 왜 난 보지 못하니?
Wae deudji mothani? Wae nan boji mothani?
Why can’t you hear me? Why can’t you see me?

뒤돌아봐 내가 있자나
Dwidorabwa naega itjana
When you turn around, I’m still there

사랑한다 말이야, 바보야! 😦
Saranghanda mariya, baboya!
It means I love you, you fool!!

보네고 보네도 아직 너는 나마 나 울려
Bonego bonedo ajik neoneun nama na ulryeo
Even I keep sending you away, you still remain, I’m crying

내 사람이라서, 아직도 난 니가 그래서!!!
Nae saramiraseo, ajikdo nan niga geuraeseo!!!
You’re my man, I still feel that way!!!

얼마나 더 아프면 나를 바라봐 줄수 았니
Eolmana deo apeumyeon nareul barabwa julsu itni
How much more pain I need for you to look at me?

얼마나 더 눈물 흘리면 사랑해 줄거니  안아 줄 수 있니
Eolmana deo nunmul heulimyeon saranghae julgeoni anajulsu itni
How much tears I need to shed, for you to love me and hold me?

제발 부탁이야 내 맘을 들어줘~
Jebal butagiya nae mameul deureojwo~
I’m begging you please listen to my heart~

Now I know..
How a song can brings back memories,
and how a song can makes you cry…

Digging into what I have buried for along time deep down in my heart.
And realize that I was crying…

Then my friend ask me:
“Do you still love him?
I still don’t know,
I don’t even know is this “love” or “just likes”,
Is it I’m crying because I still love him,
or I’m just crying for my past…
I can’t answer his question…

And I blame him for bringing back my memories…

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