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“아빠 딸로 태어나서 행복해서”
Appa ttalro taeeonaseo haengbokhaeseo.
I’m very happy to be born as your daughter.

“엄아 딸로 태어나서 행복해서”
Eomma ttalro taeeonaseo haengbokhaeseo.
I’m very happy to be born as your daughter.

“나는 너무 행복하게 살아서”
Naneun neomu haengbokhaeseo saraseo.
I’m living my life happily.

「49 days」 Ep 20 (21:40)
Ji Hyun’s Last word.

언니 고마워요,안죽어 줘서 고마워요.
Eonnie gomawoyo, anjugeo jwoseo gomawoyo.
Thank you, thank you for not dying.

근데, 왜 그렇게 죽어 싶은지 모르지만.
Geunde, wae geureohke jugeo sipeunji moreujiman.
Although I don’t know why you wanted to die

난 언니가 부러운데
Nan eonni ga bureounde
I envy you.

언니는, 몸이 있다는게 얼마나 소중한지 모르 줘?
Eonnineun, momi itdaneunge eolmana sojunghanji moreujwo?
You don’t know how precious it is to have a body, do you?

진짜 만질수 있는거… 만지 따뜻하고…
Jinjja manjulsu inneungeo… Manji ttatteuthago…
Being able to touch… And feel warmth…

누군가 들려줘 목소리 가 있구
nugunga deulryeojwo moksori ga itgu
You have a voice that someone else can hear,

그 목소리 사람들 있다는거
Geu moksori saramdeul itdaneungeo
And have people to hear your voice

서로 젓다 보고, 같이 웃을수 있는거.
Seoro jeotda bogo, katchi useulsu itneungeo.
You can look at someone, and smile together.

「49 days」 Ep 7 (37:06)
Shin Ji Hyun > Song Yi Kyung

순도 100% 눈물
Sundo baek pro nunmul
100% pure tears

「49 days」 Ep 1 (56:47)
Scheduler > Shin Ji Hyun

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When I put this picture as my profile pic, someone ask me,

The Guy : “You want a boyfriend like him?”
Lol! Who don’t want a guy like him to be boyfriend?! But my answer is…
Me : “Nope, I like their pose, it’s kinda sweet.”
The Guy : “Ahh, he’s not handsome enough for you?”
Ohh come on… If a guy like him being my boyfriend, that would be an extraordinary extras for me…!!!!
The Guy : “I think it’s easy to pose like that.”
Me : “Maybe it’s easy, but I don’t think the outcome will as great as this one, since I’m not that pretty.”
The Guy : “It’s okay, the guy will not be more handsome than him too, lol”
WTF…?! *speechless*
The Guy : “You have a boyfriend?”
Me : “Nope, not yet.”
The Guy : “Really?!”
Yeah, too bad, I’m still single, single for over these 2 years, Viva Single!!!

-Note: the “Guy” is old friend of mine-

I really like this poster’s pose, they smiling naturally and the background is very nature too. One word describe this pic, peaceful.
I want to have this kind of pose (even I know, it wouldn’t be great lol), I will definitely put this kind of pose in my Wedding Photos!!!!!

Not only this pose I want to imitate, there are many pose I want to imitate!!!

For example this one… (For this one, I think, no need a boyfriend to do this pose, you can drag one of your male friend, and force him to pose that!!!! muahahahah~)

And this one!!!!

But I think these kind of pose, I can imitate it, if -at least- I have a boyfriend, lol.

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