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Oh My God!!!
Baek Ji Young never failed impressed me!!!
She’s really The Queen of OST for me, The previous song “That Woman” (OST of Secret Garden) still linger in my ear and now this one!!
Her voice always makes me melt into her song xD
Here  another lovely song (but yet still a very sad song) from 최고의 사랑” (The Greatest Love) OST. :) I love this song so much!!!
This song was played in episode 13 (Aired yesterday June 15th 2011), according to the drama this song will be Gu Ae Jeong next single.

Please enjoy this song. 😀 Click here to listen

Here’s the Lyrics Romanization &  English Translation

In this Screencap, Dok Go Jin were whispering “사랑해” (saranghae= I love you) to Gu Ae Jeong who were passed out of drinking, and because of Gu Ae Jeong Drunk Habit (repeating what other said) she repeat it “사랑해…” *This song was played here* (♒˙⌣˙♒)

I Can’t Drink

By : 백지영 (Baek Ji Young)

Hangeul Lyrics

난 술을 못마셔요
몇 번을 얘기해야 되요
술을 마시면
전화를 하는 몹쓸 병에 걸렸죠

그렇게 이상하면
이별을 한번 해보세요
이별을 하면 알게 될 거야
술 마시면 안 되는 이유

취하면 바보 같은 용기가 생겨서
취하면 바보 같은 사랑이 커져서
그러면 안 되는 걸 알면서
자꾸 핸드폰을 쳐다보고 이렇게
몇 번을 망설이다 번호를 누르고
난 아직까지 너만 사랑해~
내가 보고 싶어 미치겠다고
어제처럼 전화를 하죠

난 정말 못 마셔요
나 이제 그만 일어날래
술을 마시면
눈물이 나는 몹쓸 병에 걸렸죠

그 사람 생각나면
한잔씩 하며 참아왔죠
그래서일까 술을 마시면
바보처럼 또 눈물이 나

울다가 바보 같은 눈물에 취해서
울다가 끝나버린 사랑에 취해서
그러면 안 되는 걸 알면서
다시 전화번호 누르게 돼이렇게

차갑게 식어버린 목소리 들으며
난 죽고 싶어 제발 돌아와~
이미 끊겨 버린 전화를들고
어제처럼 그렇게 울죠

Lyrics Romanization

Nan sureul mot masyeoyo
Myeochbeoneul yaegi haeya doeyo
Sureul masimyeon
jeonhwareul haneun mobsseul byeonge geolryeotjyo

Geureohke isanghamyeon
ibyeoreul hanbeon haeboseyo
ibyeoreul hamyeon alge doel geoya
sul masimyeon andoeneun iyu

Chwihamyeon babo gateun yonggiga saenggyeoseo
Chwihamyeon babo gateun sarangi keojyeoseo
Geureomyeon andoeneun geol almyeonseo
Jakku haendeuponeul chyeodabogo ireohke
myeochbeoneul mangseorida beonhoreul nureugo
Nan ajikkkaji neoman saranghae~
Naega bogo sipeo michigetdago
eojecheoreom jeonhwareul hajyo

Nan jeongmal mot masyeoyo
Nan ije geuman ireonalrae
Sureul masimyeon
Nunmuri naneun mobsseul byeonge geolryeotjyo

Geu saram saenggaknamyeon
Hanjanssik hamyeo chamawajyo
Geuraeseoilkka sureul masimyeon
Babo cheoreom tto nunmuri na

Uldaga babo gateun nunmure chwihaeseo
Uldaga kkeutnabeorin sarange chwihaeseo
Geureomyeon andoeneun geol almyeonseo
Dasi jeonhwabeonho nureuge dwae ireohke

Chagabge sikeobeorin moksori deuleumyeon
Nan jukgo sipeo jebal dorawa~
Imi kkeunhgyeobeorin jeonhwareuldeulgo
Eoje cheoreom geureohke uljyo

 English Translation

I can’t drink
How many times should I say
If I drink
I had a bad disease to make a call

If you think it’s strange
Then try to breakup once
If you ever breakup, you will know
The reason I can’t drink

If I get drunk, I will get more silly courage
If I get drunk, this silly love will grow bigger
Because I know that I shouldn’t
So I just staring at the handphone like this
I don’t know how many times I hesitate to dial the number
even now, I still only love you~
I miss you like crazy
Just like yesterday, I call you

I really can’t drink
I want to stop and sober up
If I drink
I had a bad disease to cry

If I think about that person
I should bear to drink
Because If I drink
Like a fool, I will cry again.

Drunk over and shed tears like a fool
Drunk over an ended love and crying
That’s why, I know I shouldn’t
Keep dial the phone number like this
If I hear your cold voice
I just want to die, Please come back~

Holding the phone that already hung up
Just like yesterday, I’m crying again

Romanization & Translation by aikawaringo

Please give a proper credit if you’re going to used it anywhere.

“drink” here means “drink alcohol” not drinking water 😉 (because people will died if they can’t drink water muahahaa, just kidding!)

Thanks for jumping into my page! 😀

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