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I found this story recently after watching “The Greatest Love” episode 13, when the 2nd male leads Yoon Pil Joo , talking about “이상한 나라” (read : Isanghan Nara, literally means Strange Country but It’s refer to Wonderland / Fantasyland). About Paul, Nina and the Evil King, which is in the story he describes it Paul (himself), Nina (Gu Ae Jeong) and the Evil King (Dok Go Jin) LOL.

But The “Isanghan Nara” He’s talking about, is Paul’s Miraculous Adventure, It’s an old japanese anime with 50 episodes, and was dubbed into many country, such as Italian, Spanish, korean, polish, philippines and once named “Paul in Fantasyland”, maybe that’s why The Dr. Yoon Pil Joo called it “Isanghan Nara”  hehehe…

Since I was a Anime Freak (well, who doesn’t like anime when young? I do love them, even now hehehe…) maybe someday I will go find this old anime and watch it.

Thanks for jumping into my page 😉

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