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Lately, I acknowledge that suddenly I have a very huge appetite. Like I’m hunger for something. This isn’t resemble me at all. Usually, for me, eat is only formally habit, that my body need to eat for living. I don’t care bout anything, just as when the time is then I need to suck up some food into my stomach.

But recently it is not…
I’m yearning for some food.
Like last Sunday, suddenly I want to eat Chicken Steak Fiesta. So I ask my friend to eat together, but fortunately, there’s someone who wants to accompany me to eat.
But the strange thing is, I finished all the chicken steak but I still wants more!
Where the hell such a huge desire come from, 나 도 궁굼하다!!!!

But it’s not all!
The next day up until now, I’m yearning for another food!
This time I’m yearning for grilled beef!
I really really really wants to eat grilled beef right away from the grill pan, like yakiniku of galbi!

What happen to my body?
Why suddenly I’m yearning for some food?
Even to think about it I’m afraid.
I find it scary. Why?
It’s not because I’m afraid to be fat, because I’m a person who even eat many food, I didn’t get fat at all.
Then why I’m afraid?
Because I keep thinking that I should eat it when I’m yearn for it… Who knows what would happen tomorrow.
Somekind strange thought like that.

I hope God gives me many times for me to try many different delicious food in this World!

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