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May 7th, 2011
「오늘은 점심 식사 자짱면 잘 먹고서!」

Today, after done my work at office, I’m going to a restaurant of Korean food named 강산 (read: Gangsan). Saturday my work hour is only untill noon at 12AM.

We (me and my friends) are heading there to eat 자짱면(read: jajjangmyeon). I think everyone who loves to watch drama will know this korean dish, its a blackbean paste noodle with some veggie. And looks very delicious if you watch the main lead eating it :))

But before the Jajjangmyeon come out, they serve us with a FREE side dish, there are so many side dish we can choose, so we choose several side dish (which is looks delicious).

We are eating the sidedish while waiting for the jajjangmyeon, and finally! Here’s the Jajjangmyeon!

The Jajjangmyeon served with turnip pickles and raw onion!

That’s really delicious dish, and we’re really full, lol that’s a lot of food for merely 2 woman xD~

So the lunch Jajjangmyeon, some side dish and 3 bottle of cola cost approximately 20 USD.
And next month I’m going to try their Galbi and a bottle of Soju 참이술 (this time will be verry expensive D:)

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Recently I found out that A Star / Famous Male Idol (I’m not his Fan, but sure he’s good looking lol), was invited into my Country, because of someone’s (-don’t know who-) birthday Party. Since they can invited a star to a birthday party, they must be very rich right?

It’s must be seems like a dream, the Star that always seen in a movie, walking right in front of your eyes, talking and smiling to you.
(Every girl must be envy of you right now lol)

But it’s your birthday, if you invite someone like a Star, isn’t your guest who came will be there not to congrate you but to see the Star?

It’s your birthday I think it’s better if you become the Star, the Star of your own party, on your own stage.

How it feels when all of you guest eyes is following the Star?
How it feels when all of your guest keep took the Star’s photos and record the Video with their own gadgets?
You don’t even get their attention for one minute, is that kind of party that you want?

I can’t imagine, but sure this one can be boost up your popularity as someone very rich who able to invite even a Star.
Is that what you want?

But the good thing is, you got a congratulation from a Star (♒˙⌣˙♒)

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