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Lol, actually the first catchy things when I’m going to watch this Saeguk (Korean Historical Drama) because there are so many awards and high rating, named “The Legend/Four Gods”, it’s a year 2007 saeguk. Then later I found out that Lee Philip (one of my favourite actors) is having a role in this saeguk!

Then the most funny thing is, I watching along all the 15 episodes, waiting for him to come up lol~ and when he appeared as the “Blue Dragon”, I was “kyaaak” all the time xD

He always looks gorgeous as ever! And then I realize, I keep looking forward to see him in the next scene, and become ignoring the other role … (―˛―“). I have to keep focused! Actually this saeguk isn’t a bored saeguk, the story is pretty interesting, and the properties is perfect. But this saeguk is kinda heavy saeguk.

Before “Lee Philip” appears, I keep yawning and even a dozen time almost fall asleep. But he will keep appear from now on ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ. So I won’t yawning / fall asleep anymore, he’s my power to keep watch this saeguk! Yaaaaay~

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