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A Cup of Coffee

Lately, something strange happen to me, this is never happen before, I used to sleep around 1AM-2AM. But yesterday (Saturday night) at 10 PM suddenly I got sleepy and keep yawning (when I used to watch drama at that hour).

I always drink a cup of coffee (or 2 cups) everyday workdays, but Saturday and Sunday I don’t drink coffee. Because I’m not at office lol.

Even I don’t drink coffee, saturday I can stay late at night (watching drama) till 3AM-4AM, but yesterday and today is different. I got sleepy 😦

I always got a lack sleep, why?
Because everytimes I sleep, I feel like “if I didn’t sleep at that time, I can do this and that, I can get this or that done etc” (너무 아깝다). Some feeling like that, but when I’m sleep, I’m lazy to wake up! I feel like It’s okayy to throw anything away to keep sleeping, that’s why I’m afraid to sleep…
I know that’s not a healthy thought lol.

So a cup of coffee everyday is a MUST for me ;D
And the coffee I like most is Coffee with a lot of creamer! 너무 너무 좋아~

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