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Recently I’m watching a new Kdrama 「49일」 also known as 「49 Days」.

It’s a drama about a woman who got into coma state, and the soul is possessed  someone’s body to collect 3 tears from 3 difference person.

I’m not going to do any spoiler since it’s a new drama, have been aired only first 5th episode. I’m talking about the necklace in this drama, it’s tear necklace. Here’s the picture 

In this story, this is the Tear Necklace (to collect the tears from 3 person). Ugkhhhh I want this necklace so bad…

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Little Story About “An Umeboshi on An Onigiri”

For example, if a person’s good point is something like an umeboshi (plum pickles) on a onigiri (riceball).Then the umeboshi must be on his/her back…

In this world, there are umeboshi with so many different shapes. But they can’t see their own delicious umeboshi, because it’s on their back.

Onigiri says

“I have nothing… I only have white rice…”

But that’s not true!
Everyone has an umeboshi on their back.
The reason why people envy others is…
Probably because you can see it better if the umeboshi is on others back.
I can see it too. I can see it very clearly.
A wonderfull umeboshi on your back.

Someone might  be envious of you right now.
Someone might be admiring something that you yourself hadn’t realized yet,
When I think about it, the thought makes me…
It makes me want to try  a little bit harder.

”Quoted from “Fruit Basket”By :  Takaya Natsuki
Honda Tohru  –  Souma Kyo

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When woman says “Break Up”
There are several instances when woman will initiate a “break up”

M : Men
W: Woman

1st Example

W: How about we break up now?
M: What is it.. What is it now? What? What are you unsatisfied with? Whyyy???

========>To create a sense of nervousness in a relationship.

2nd Example

M: It’s a misunderstanding!
W: Why don’t we break up?
M: I’m wrong…I’m wrong… I’m sorry, I guarantee you there wont be a second time. ok? Just this once, forgive me this once, ok? *kneeling*

=======>In order to have the upper hand.

3rd Example

M: What are you saying?
W: Break up
M: Why?
W: It’s boring.
M: Boring?
W: You know that when I’m bored, I can’t do anything. My studies, work, and the same goes for love. Let’s not see each other anymore. We’ll break up ok?
M: Okay, I understand. If you want to break up, then let’s break up.
W: even if I suggested it, how can you agree so easily? It seems like you’ve been waiting for me to say it.
M: You said I’m boring that you don’t like me anymore. I shouldn’t keep clinging on.If you’re purposely testing my attitude, then I don’t want to continue anymore.a woman who uses my heart to experiment with…I’m actually the one who feels it’s pointless.

=======>To test the other’s heart.

In addition…
4th Example
This situation come when the girl thinks that this relationship hurts her enough and better end it up than to continue, so tired that she cant go through…

W: I’m… tired…
M : Hmm?
W: I’m tired… Should we… break up? Let’s Break up…
M: What did you say just now? Why? those things are that tiring?
W: Yes, very tiring.
M: Even more tiring than breaking up with me?
W: The feeling of like lastly only a moment but reality will continue… today, tomorrow and they day after tomorrow,everyday, repeatedly encountering the same problems, the same situation, I will then feel bad for you and feel pressured. whenever that happens I will be troubled whether I should break up with you, you will also feel annoyed when you see me like that, and one day our feeling for each other will disappear without a trace. We’ll start blaming each other, hating each other. I don’t want to go there…
M: So, you’re certain that our relationship can only leave behind a wound? So we should end it here by saying “Let’s break up”? Is this what you call love?Can this be considered  love?
W: Sorry…
M: So, it really has to end here?
W: Yes.
M: You really want to… really want to break up with me?
W: Yes.

*The guy just stay like this, didn’t say anything, stare at me blankly, then without saying anything, he turned and left.*

=======>Because they really don’t have the confidence to continue dating.

How about you?

Quote from :

Dal Ja’s Spring [Ep.21]
For more details you have to watch the drama 🙂

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Two Kind of Love

For me there are two kind of love.

The heartbeat one and The heart beatless.

The heartbeat love,
it’s easy to find out that you have this kind of love, your heart will beating fast whenever you get close to someone, you want to show him your best part, even makeup or your perform, this is love that everyone wants.

And the heart beatless love,
this is love without heartbeat, it’s not easy to figure out this love, this kind of love is close to a friendship, you just feel very comfort whenever you close to someone, you can show the worst part of yours only with this person, and thinking that no one can replace this person, this is also a love, but in a different shape.

Then…Which love do you have? ^^


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This is quite good for me, I mark this as if I’m being adult, that I can get something from everything happened in my life, and become in a positive way, just like this one.

I will explain something about “Break Up” of course this one is about breaking up with your boy/girlfriend.

Furious Phase
When you’re breaking up with your boy/girlfriend. Everyone will come into this phase, you will feel pretty Irritate, till the level even talk/meet that person you “won’t”.
It’s normal, we could say that It’s needed for “Transition Phase“, from someone who used to be in your heart, become nobody in your heart. So you will meet this “Awkward Situation“.
But if you done this you can become his/her friend, and get a pretty nice friendship.

Everyone in this world will meet this Phase. “It’s normal” like what I said before,
BUT not everyone can overcome this Phase, or the time they need to overcome this Phase are different, everyone has their own timeline.
There are some people who can overcome this phase just a day, a week, a month or a year. But there are also some people who need several years, or there are also some people who can’t overcome this phase.(But I’m sure its not that much). Do you know the phrase “Time heal the wounds“, Yeah something like that 🙂

For me it tooks around 6 years maybe.
Well it’s not that I was irritated by him that much but also because we were loose contact in someway.

Now I’m getting along with my ex, we’re in such a good relationship. We’ve been overcome the furious phase over 6 years. I think we can be friend now. Since he’s my first boyfriend in my life, of course I cannot easily forgotten him. But to be friends with him, it’s good enough.
I think we can call this “being adult” 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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