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Actually April 12th is my sis birthday,
and the day before (April 11th) after done with my work,
I’m going to a mart to buy the ingredient to make a black forest,
but too bad!
My mom didn’t put out the tools to make a cake
(the mixer and all the stuff included the oven),
that’s why this cake done today at April 16th
(It’s really late, I’m so sorry).

The Chocobar in the middle is broken,
and my handwriting is very awful *lmao*,
I don’t know how it tasted like,
because tomorrow I’m going to bring that black forest for my sis.
I hope I can learn from my mistakes before,
This one is my 2nd Black Forest I ever made.
The first one didn’t taste good.
That’s why I hope this one is delicious ;D

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April 15th 2011
Day 3 Knitting a Scarf…

Today I’m continuing my knitting progress,
but seeing that my yarn is going to an end,
i decided add a new yarn with a difference colour,
it’s a maroon red.
So the scarf will be ended with cream colour to each end.
I hope it turns out well hehe,
since this one is my first Knit!
Yes it took’s a long time to knit,
But until now I’m still enjoying it!

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