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Day 2 Knitting a Scarf

April 12th 2011
Day 2 Knitting a Scarf…

Today I felt really tired, especially my eyes, feel like I got headache everytime I get my eye on focus. Is it because I’ve work too much in front of computer? But I’m fine working in front of computer 18 hours a day.
This is the first time I’m feelig not well with my eyes. So I think I’m not going to continue my knit, maybe tomorrow, my eyes really hurt so much 😦
I’m going to get some rest, I hope my eyes will be okay tomorrow, so I can continue to knit longer.

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Day 1 Knitting a Scarf

April 11th 2011
Today I’m start to knit, I already bought all of the tools and thread needed.
Its been about 4 hours, I’ve been failed many times and re-knit it again *lol* (I’m a newbie anyway).
This is the picture my Day 1 of knitting.
I’m about to sleep now, already 2 AM.
I have to sleep, and wake up early morning for work… (⌣́_⌣̀)

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