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March 3rd, 2011

I don’t want to get any delusion.
It’s been along time since the last time I got affection from a guy (I can’t even say that it was an affection lol).

It’s happened when I was going to lunch, I even bring my 도시락, but he asked me to lunch out with him, because he had meeting around my workplace, so we ended up eat lunch together.

He’s the 3rd guy that say I’m better with my new short haircut, and the first person who said I’m cute with my new short haircut. I’m not gonna lie, I’m happy getting praised lol. But its a common feeling I think, no more or less.

And then, when we lunch, he put some vegetables on my plate. After 2 years since I broke up with my ex, he’s the first person who put food on my plate (sometimes it means cares).

I got a strange feeling, but I’m not going to any delusion. I took it as he is a guy who have just broke up with his gf, feeling really down, and as his friend, I did gave him some advices, try to cheer him up, and that’s only his appreciation for my friendly welcome.

Watching him eating 2 plate food…
friends, I’m happy seeing you like this, since I know when you’re very down, even for eating you seems don’t have any appetite, even for smile you seems don’t have any energy, your world’s seems collapsed in front of your eyes.
But now, you’re getting better, It’s good. Keep it up!

그사람들를 남자 아니야, 그냥 친구, 이상한 상상 안됀다! 그 사람은 사랑해주 도 안됀다 , 맞다! 그냥 친구다! 정신 차려!

I wouldn’t get any delusion, because…
Sometimes, in this world,
Things doesn’t always work as we want it, Doesn’t always work as we imagine it.
When we find the right answer,
Then, its not Illusion nor Delusion.
That’s the Fact, standing there, Proudly…

*Delusion : [Definition]
A false belief that are firmly held
Something that is falsely or delusively believed or propagated
A fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact.

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