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Well at least for me, I think finding a soulmate or recently we could say “partner” or life partner, is not easy at all.


It’s start from liking someone, we can agree that the first thing come up, of course “Appearance”, how the way s/he looks and dressed up, etc.

Then the next step is “Habit”, how the way s/he talking, walking, etc.

And the most difficult thing to be matched up (for me) is “Interest”, the way s/he thinking, sense of humor, sense of music, what’s important for her/him, because sometimes we cannot value something that important for other people, we think that’s useless or zero needed, but for some people that’s the most precious things for her/him.
The skill to acknowledge something that our brain dislike to be matched up and consider it or trying to like it, its need something called “tolerate”、 and to have that tolerate(which is we need it for rest of our life) we need something strong named “Love”.

That’s why its not easy at all, we can say we have “Love”、 but does your “Love” contains “tolerate” in it? If yes, then congratulation!
You’ve been met your “Soulmate”

I am someone with less-tolerate, that’s why its hard to love someone and tolerate all of that person has…

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