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My Boss Who Once I Respect

My Boss is…

First impression, he’s a nice guy, very polite and becareful about his talks, think about his employee’s wealthy, family and all, the most important thing is he once said this, that he wants every Saturday the works off for enjoying day with family member.

At first he’s someone who I respect. But then, as time goes by, he changed…

He talks without thinking the other’s feelings. Then he started to focus on the company’s wealth, and ignore all of his employee who is suffer under his management, they keep whining and then sick of whining. He still good at the other side, but he just changed. He got my less respect now.
And now Saturday even Sunday, all of the employee still works. They working without getting any sunday… I’m sad…

Why did he changed so much?
But I’m still working with him, hoping that someday…
he will back to “the boss who I respect.”

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