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December 18th 2010

Today, I gone to someone’s Birthday Party, well I only accompany my friend because he have no partner to go there, despite I can eat delicious food for free, so without any hesitating, I’m “ok” it right away lol~

He pick me up at lobby of GT, and
we head to the restaurant named Furama, location in HW. It’s a nice Chinese Restaurant, elder will like this kind of family restaurant.

We are late, late about 1 and a half hours, but even we are late, they haven’t start to eat, the food hasn’t come out. So we sit and enjoy their birthday party before they serve the food.

Seeing this kind of party, I wondering “Can I celebrate my parents birthday party like this when they reach 60?”, I hope I can, at least once in their life time, having a great birthday party must be a dream of every human living. For me, I never had such a birthday party. I always enjoy my birthday silently…
I think it feels great it someone, celebrate our birthday. It means they precious us right? Well maybe that’s only happen in drama, I watched too much drama, which makes my life feels flat.

After the birthday party is over, we went to pick up another friend to go watch TRON midnight 00:15 AM at LP. I reach home at 3:30 AM and go sleep right away! Because tomorrow I held a concert in Limelight with some high school’s old friends 🙂

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