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Have just watch “Marry Me Mary!” Episode 3, I stunt when Meri cleared up the misunderstanding with the actress Seo Jun, she said “We’ll have to see each other frequently at the office, so I hope we won’t have any uncomfortable situations happening.”
Well I also have that kind of situation with my working partner, but because I’m such a coward, I pretend to be “let it flow” and never want to make it up right with that partner, I know its not a right way to solve a problem (especially this kind of misunderstanding personality judgement), that I should clear it up like what Mary did, but I don’t know how(and yes Mary have show me the way to clear it up). Well its true that some of that partner personality I don’t like, but its not a right thing to have an uncomfortable situation everytime we met or talks, something’s wrong here. But just… No one want to make it clear.
I still should study many things in this life, this one too, sooner or later I should make it straight, maybe not now but someday…

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