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Crystal Kay is a singer born in Yokohama to a African American Father and South Korean Mother. With her beautiful voice, she’ve been recognized as a singer when she’s 13 years old. Yeah, her voice is really beautiful. Her next album will be released in 8 December 2010. In her 9th album 「Spin the Music」 will contain her new song 「Time of Love」 which is become soundtrack of NHK’s drama 「10年先も君に恋して」 in romaji read as “Juunen Saki mo Kimi ni Koishite” starring Ueto Aya and Uchino Masaaki. That’s a great simple romantic drama but very meaningful for life nowadays and touchy. I even ended up tearing and crying when I watch the drama, especially when Crystal Kay’s Time of Love song start to play, LOL. I’m crazily waiting for this 9th Album to be release!

Please don’t make me wait for more T____T

Romaji Lyrics & English Translation of  Time of Love by Crystal Kay

Time of Love – Crystal Kay

ねぇ 止まったままの君の時計ベッドの上で 見つめてる

nee tomatta mama no kimi no tokei beddo no ue de mitsumeteru
Hey, I keep staring at your dead watch up on the bed

抱きしめられた 雨に濡れてこの想いは あの時のまま
dakishimerareta ame ni nurete kono omoi wa ano toki no mama
My feeling is still the same as the day when you hold me under the rain

ねぇ 私たちは 急ぎすぎて 余裕がなくて
nee watashitachi wa isogi sugite yoyuu ga nakute
Hey, I think we’re going too fast and we don’t have time to spare

愛さえも ぶつけてばかり
ai sae mo butsukete bakari
We love each other but we keep hurting each other

君の心が止まったことにも なぜ気づかずに
kimi no kokoro ga tomatta koto ni mo naze kitzukazu ni
Why didn’t I notice that your heart had stopped

好きなのに 好きだったのに
suki na no ni suki datta no ni
Even I love you, loving you like this

もう一度 やり直せるのなら
mou ichido yarinaoseru no nara
Once more, If I can start over again

omoide ga kiete mo ii
It’s okay even all the memories disappear

hajimete deau you ni
Just llike the first time we met

愛されたい 愛していたい
aisaretai aishiteitai
I want to love and be loved

もう一度 君に会えるのなら 今度こそ離れない
mou ichido kimi ni aeru no nara kondo koso hanarenai
Once more, If I can meet you again, this time I won’t let you go

そう 時間は動くの 壊れてた時計も きっと The time of love
sou toki wa ugoku no kowareteta tokei mo kitto The time of  Love
The time that is ticking from a broken clock, it must be the time of love

ねぇ 雨が降ると 傘の中で
nee ame ga furu to kasa no naka de
Hey, The rain is dropping

君は ずっと 左手で 抱いてくれたね
kimi wa zutto hidarite de daitekureta ne
under the umbrella you always hold me in your left hand

tokei ga nureru no moki ni sezuni
Without worrying about the time that is ticking

そっと暖かく この恋を守るように
sotto atatakaku kono koi wo mamoru youni
I want to protect this gentle and warm love

もう一度 やり直せるのなら
mou ichido yarinaoseru no nara
Once more, If I can start all over again

nanimo kamo sutete mo ii
It’s okay to loose everything

そう 今はわかるの
sou ima wa wakaru no
Yes, now I know

何よりも大切なもの The time of love
nani yori mo taisetsu na mono The time of love
More than anything else, the most important thing is Time of Love

この気持ち 諦めないで  ただひとつ 信じたい
kono kimochi akiramenai de tada hitotsu shinjitai
I won’t give up this feeling, I want to believe this one

君がそばにいれば それだけでいいから ずっと
kimi ga soba ni ireba sore dake de ii kara zutto
For me, having you beside me, that’s more than enough

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Romaji & English Translation by : aikawaringo
Japanese helped by: ユキオ先生
QC by : Mr. Leo



It has been released, GO and GRAB the CD~~!!!

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