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I’m not going to office for work today, because my cold become worse. I think I should get some rest, yesterday I almost collapsed for this cold. Feeling not well and keep coughing, that’s why I decided to off work today.
My room is extremely hot, yeah if I’m talking about off from work, that means I should get some rest, which is by staying on my room, that is very hot in the afternoon and very cold in the night! Pretty inconvenient but I sleep enough today. Hope that tomorrow I can get better so I can go work!
And the most thing I hate when I’m sick is…
I cannot taste any food. It’s like hell to me, when everything come to mouth, taste blend. It has a good side too, for the dish I hate, I can eat it up because I can’t taste it LOL!

I don’t know what happen in this month, but I got my money is not enough for this month! Omgah! Did I shop to much at the earlier month?! I don’t remember! This is emergency, because if I didn’t use the rest of my money on my bank account economically, than it means Dooms. I should make it enough! How? By pressing my lunch fee! And try not to attend many date (―˛―“)
Oh gosh! This month is terrible for me. And I should start saving for my travel fee for next year’s april. I hope some miracles come up! (>_<)

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