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Today, I have my tax course (every saturday morning) but today the weather is really bad, because the heavy rain keep fallin from dawn, and very cold makes me don’t wanna wake up, and it makes me late.
After finished my tax course, I have a lunch with my friend Maya @ the foodcourt. Then we head to Fx (It’s a Mall) to watch “Going Distance”.

“Going Distance” – It’s a great movie about a couple who going through a Long Distance Relationship (LDR), how they struggle with their problem and how they solve it. I like it, they make it clear.

After watched the movie, we head to Salon. We are going to creambath together (we usually did it once a month) not because it saturday night, but its just we don’t have other time to do it. When we arrived at the salon, wow we have to wait over 1 hour because the salon is quite full, we are on waiting list.

And there I saw a girl curl their hair and the other hook I saw a woman doing make up, a slight thought of mine says ” whoa, this girl is going to meet her bf(it’s saturday night isn’t it? It’s time to date lol), she wants to look pretty in front of her BF. What a lovely girl.

I wish there’s a moment for me when I’m in love, going to salon for make over, and dressed up to meet “the man I loved” 🙂
I wonder who that guy will be, lol.

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“Going Distance” – It’s a great movie about a couple who going through a Long Distance Relationship (LDR), how they struggle with their problem and how they solve it. I like it, they make it clear.

-My 1st Long Distance Relationship-
I ever in a LDR twice, this one is 7 years ago, when I was in a high school (its not too far, only take a train for 2 hours) but because we were a student it makes us very hardly to meet each other, its was like we meet only twice for 1,5 years relationship, and I broke it up by saying “I feel like I don’t have a boyfriend, let’s be friend”, I just spill it out like that on the phone, and I’m cryin over the night. He’s the best guy in my life I ever dated. No one can replace him (atm), even we just met several time. Just like at the “Going Distance” movie, we also struggle by the distance problem, he even say that he’s going to take college at my city, but in the end he doesn’t, and I’m in the position don’t have any courage to take a step ahead. And we can’t spend some event together, like thanksgiving, christmas, wedding party,and birthday. In the movie they using skype (well, we don’t have skype at that time), so I only use phone and mobile text to keep our relationship, everything is ok and I said this to him “If we are meant each other, then if we ever meet again, we may fallin each other again”. But now he’s already had a gf and become such a lovey dovey couple (I can tell by seeing their pics on facebook). 1 lesson I got from this that “we can never be enough”.
That’s life.

-My 2nd Long Distance Relationship-
This one, we are apart not by city anymore, but country. Even phone call or text message is quite expensive. He works in japan, he said its only for 2 years, but from day to day, out relationship become cold, the difference time make it worse. Like when he call me I’m still at work (just like what happen in the movie), he changed, when he’s about to go, he said will call me everyday, but then he said the phone call fee is expensive so he call every 3 days, and then he call only once a week, and then twice a month… And once a month. And email, sometimes I late reply, and everything become worse in our 2 years relationship. There’s moment when I feel like I’m going to loose him, and he’s call me when I’m working, I pick the call and gone to toilet, and I’m crying there. I realize that I missed him so much, miss his voice so much, and he says “Are u ok? Why do u crying? Anything bad happen?”, and I’m just crying louder, and he silent hearing me cry over the phone. And then after a couple month later, I’m start thinking that maybe he could find another woman better than me there in japan, and I shouldn’t waste his experience of life by staying in such a relationship with me, and I broke him up by saying, “If you and I are meant each other, someday we can be together again, I will openly hand welcome you”.

That’s right, I believe in “destiny” or we call it “Fate”? Its like a red string on your pinky which is lead you to someone who made for you by God. (Akai Ito – japanese drama 2008)

But the “Going Distance” movie and “Akai Ito” is end very fine, it seems like a dream for me. I wish I could keep my relationship like what they did in the movie.

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