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It’s weird and a rare thing that I woke up at 10 o’clock early

Today, I was thinking to come to my brother’s house (again) like what I did last week, but this time to burn some of my K-drama into DVD because I keep downloading new drama and makes my Hard disk full. So I should turn it into DVD.

I text my brother, ask if He’s going out or not today, he said he doesn’t so I’m going there, he told me to bring some food, I promise him to go at 11:30 AM but ended up I’m going about 2:00 PM, whoa that’s pretty late, arrived there about 3:00 PM, and starting to burn the DVD.

I found out that BECK is being make a live action movie! and the good thing is, Mizushima Hiro, Sato Takeru and Osamu Mukai will play the role YAY~~~~!!! Banzaiii~ (they all play the Mei-chan no Shitsuji as a great butler xD)

I’m going home after burnt about 15 dvd xD Thanks brother for letting me ;D

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Today I’m getting my Tax Course Test, I wake up earlier so I can get there on time, finish the test earlier so I could join my friend at Amusement Park. I’m taking bus like always, review some book wishing that I could passing the Test smoothly, but then when I’m arrive, the test is… TAKE HOME TEST (WTF~). Then with broken heart and disappoint but yet happy (because it means that I can come to the Amusement Park On Time ^^). I’m doing my Take Home Test at the campus, solve some question, then go together to the Amusement Park with some of my Tax Course’s Friends too. Drop by at home to put my Tax Books (pretty heavy), and gone to the spot by bus.

I post some of photos at my multiply. I got 2 new friends there, they are Andy and Syeren, they both are from SL, with a unique dialect. 1 day with them, feels like I know them for many years 🙂 Thanks friends!

We dining together at seafood restaurant and then the heavy rain is pouring the earth >_< but glad the rain isn’t pouring when We still at the Amusement Park

Thanks God for the nice Weather and the Have Fun Time u giving for me ;D

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Today is my company (where I’m working)’s birthday, so our director will throw a birthday party (the real birthday is August 21th, we celebrate it earlier for some reason), start at 06:00 PM after work.

My boss some with his wife and 2 sons, bring many food, we wrap it nicely for stage. And invite the guest (which is come from the 2nd floor) to come celebrate the party. The party is going pretty well, the food is quite delicious, and the best thing is, there are pretty much leftover, so it means there are some food to be taken home LOL.

For the company, well… the most I hope is for the company to be going well through the years, get much benefit but yet didn’t forget the employee. The more company gain benefit, the more the employee being wealth (I hope so). And of course, wishing my Boss back into the first time I met my boss, He was a very kind man who thinking about his employee so much, and keep the Saturday off work for family, even though the things is different now, he keep changing through the years. Still hoping that he can be the one I want to work for.

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Aug 17, 2010
I’m getting fat, I can’t wore some of my jeans now, because they’re too tight for me now.
I’m not going to diet, but maybe will try to do some exercise, and get an enough sleep everyday.
Then starting today, I’m going to exercise, at least sit up 20 times a day! Yosh!! Ganbarouuuu~
Wish me luck guys ;D

Ah, I’ve bought the Big Bag (with a Cat’s back) LOL, I got that bag with so much effort, you know, I was thinking to buy it since 2 days ago, and finally the decision came out with “I should buy it”, I’m rushing to the Central Park (Where the bag are being displayed there)-of course taking a bus like what I always did- and come to my brother’s home after bought the bag ( with discount 17% after they raised the price from 10 USD to 11,5 USD), I even buy some Mr. Baozi (only 3 pcs) for them (my bro and his wife Dian nee-san, bring his game “Age of Empire” with some of the expansion pack. And then having dine out with them at “Monday Hall”.

Pretty tired day, but I got what I’m looking for “THE BAG” lol…

I want to go to the Amusement Park…

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I’m taking my “Tax Course” now, from 07:00 AM ~ 12:30 PM, next week I having a Test 😦

I have plan today, I’m going to meet an old friends of mine after finish my Tax Course. Well its been almost 9 months since the last time I saw them. I wonder how are they doing. Miss them enough, well I always laugh a lot when I’m with them. They’re great friends. I also hear some rumor that one of them break up with their girlfriend. So sad hear that, because the last time I saw them, they are a hot couple. Hope they can make up again.

Im going to Orchid Park with them at 02:00 PM, meeting up there to go karaoke, but badly, the karaoke is closed untill 08:30 PM, so we are wandering around wasting some time, going to eat, and celebrate my friend’s birthday, buying some cake, blow the candle and of course eat the cake, take so many photos too.

But then I saw a handbag, with a cat’s back there… I’m badly want to buy it, but the price doesn’t match my intention. what should I do? I really really want that handbag, the price is 10 USD, should I just go buy it without thinking anything else? but I don’t think I can, because I will be minus this month…I will keep a taught, but I’m also afraid, if someone else buy it!!

Then we are karaoke and dancing around about 2 hours. We have fun there.

Then all of us going back home, I’m home at 12:00 PM, and my mother open the door for me, thanks mom, for waiting me up like this 🙂

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Today, I’m going to watch “Expendable” with some friends after works.

I’m catching a bus to go to theater, meeting up with a friends there. My friend, her sister and some of her sister’s friends. They are pretty cool guy (well if a guy wearing a tidy work dress will be perfect in my eyes lol, even the face is merely). But too bad maybe they didn’t see me as a proper woman, or I’m invisible in their eyes. While they are eating, I’m just enjoying my ice cream.

About the movie, overall its a good movie. But too bad Arnold and Bruce Willis only as a cameo there. Its just a action movie, movie full of action. Didn’t really catch my interest, but its good enough for me to watch it with some friends.

Then I’m back home by bus. Like always ;D

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Today my friend’s birthday, his name means August, I’m glad I can still remember his birthday, I have a pretty bad memory xD

Oh no… another movie show up… this time is “Killers”, of course I’m on it… and I’m quite late for my job, so I’m taking extra time for work, and done it on 6 pm (the movie is on 7:45 pm), So… I’m in a hurry again which is means I’m running again today, to catch up the bus, but the bus left me T-T, but then on my way to go there, heavy rain come up…
and guess what, I’m all wet because of the rain…

I’m the first one catch up the theater before the time, and my 2 other friends are late for the movie…that’s a good movie, pretty entertaining for me at least.

starting tomorrow, I want to catch the office by bus.
Wish me luck ok? I hope I can wake up early for tomorrow…
At least let me finish my breakfast lol…

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August 4th 2010

Today, I’m going to watch “The Last Airbender” on the Theater. I get there by bus, well… I like taking a bus, sitting on the bus, I can see world through the Bus Window, seeing many people do their life through that window.
And today, I saw an interesting things, a driver stop a bus (I’m on it), and let the master taking the bus,I can see the car is broken in the corner of the street, seems this guy doesnt have any choices. This guy is good-looking guy, and very tidy, using glasses (this is my favourite part lol). That’s all…

And as always, I’m quite late, and I’m running to the theater. Running is my favourite sport when I was high school student, and now, I only can run when I’m in a hurry. Well running at my age, will seems weird, but the truth is, I should catch up the movie!!

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Today is, August 2nd 2010, it’s my brother’s birthday.

Nothing important today, I’m just doing my usually work at office, and got sleepy on 3pm, drink a cup of coffee with 2 spoon cream, and yeah it’s really delicious. Then without I noticed it, the time already pointed at 5:30 pm, which is its time for me to go home, I should go home earlier to see My brothers, because today is his birthday, and he will drop by on our house for a sec (because he’s already married and gonna be a father soon, then it means I’m going to be an Auntie next year ;D)

Happy Birthday, Nii-chan! What do u want for ur birthday gift? a Gundam? hehehe

I think i wouldn’t afford to buy u a Master Grade Gundam, but just ask me anything, I’ll try to bought it for u, because it’s once in a year right? hehehe

Once more, Happy Birthday!! Wish u all the best 🙂

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Hello world!

I have just make my new blog, I hope I have a nice life to write 😉

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